Upgrade to the Microsoft software patch June 2020 Edition

Microsoft keeps on releasing software patches to cover the loopholes in its software. The month of June has also seen a software patch that covers as many 129 security holes. These are made available for the Windows operating system as well as the software that is supported by it. This is a huge number of patches released by Microsoft all at once.

This has been done by keeping in mind the previous bugs and other exploitations that were reported by the users.

Also, Microsoft knew that the number of employees who are working from home has been increased widely therefore, some vulnerability needed special attention. This is the fourth consecutive month in which Microsoft has released patch updates. Prior to this, there were a number of more than 100 security flaws in the software.

Some of the flaws were related to malware or malcontents which are no longer there.

windows update june 2020

The main reason why did this happen is because of the three vulnerabilities that were a part of technology with which files in the Windows operating system are shared. One of the most annoying vulnerabilities which were named (CVE-2020-1301) that cause remote code execution in Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008 systems were also fixed.

This is the reason why Microsoft stopped its support to these two versions in the month of January 2020.

What is fixed with the June 2020 patch update?

Other than the one fix that is mentioned above, this patch also brought along with it some other bug fixes and security updates. Earlier Microsoft released an update in the month of March that fixed the critical SMB flaw. If an employee or a business did not install the March update, it would result in major security vulnerability as well as his data could be exposed in the hands of attackers.

Other than this, those who are using Microsoft Office specifically Microsoft Excel is now more secure with the latest update. This is because prior to the update there were two different flaws in it. These were named as (CVE-2020-1225 and CVE-2020-1226). Due to these flaws, anyone could command the computer to open a suspicious document.

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Speaking about Adobe, it has also released a major update in the previous months. This update was specifically for Adobe Flash Player which had critical security flaws in it. In regards to the current updates, Adobe says that it cannot find any active flaws in its software while Chrome and Firefox both disabled it by default. In addition to this, Chrome and IE/Edge web browsers have such functions that will automatically update the program whenever there is an availability of the security update.  Other than this, it also released security updates for its experience Manager as well as Framemaker products.

Those who are still using Windows 7 should now note that Microsoft is no longer releasing any updates or patch fixes for it and also it has asked the users to upgrade to the newer version. Therefore, it is high time now that you should move to Windows 10 because Windows 7 is addressing a wide number of flaws.

Pre-requirements to update June 2020 patch

Make sure you have backed up all your data before you move on with the procedure to update the security patch. Sometimes, you may lose all the data of your device during the update process. Or, the system might undergo problems while booting up. At times, during the update process, some corrupt files might also get deleted. Therefore, if you wish to secure your data, then make sure to install the update only after backing up all the data.