Find out what’s new in Office 365

If you are an Office 365 subscriber, then you must be feeling lucky because Office 365 keeps on getting the latest updates in its tools and features. So today, here in this article, we shall be discussing the latest updates of Office 365 in respect to Windows desktop, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. You can easily have these updates on your device via

Details of the Office 365 updates

Below are given the detailed updates in Office 365 depending upon the various Operating Systems:

Windows Desktop- The latest version of Office 365 for Windows desktop is Version 1908 (Build 11929.20254). Microsoft has added a “Search” tool to it so that users can find and insert their favorite icon in their PPTs or documents. There is one more option known as “Resolve” which can be used to view comments in a detailed manner along with making the opened items stand out.

The all-new “auto-complete and syntax coloring” feature can easily discover columns, parameters as well as functions.  You can now join tables on columns that appear to be similar. Also, the new Evidence, Indoor, and Outdoor stencils can be used in crime scene investigation template so that you can easily recreate the scene in detail. Last but not the least; you can also print slide numbers on handouts of your PPT.

Mac- Version 16.29 (Build 19090802) is the latest version of Office 365 for Mac. The all-new “sketch it out” feature can be used in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Using this, you can give a casual and more personalized look at your work. The two erasers help you to erase with precision and you can also choose the one you require; smaller or bigger.

iOS- 2.29 (19090404) is the latest version of Office 365 for iOS users. Just like Windows Desktop and Mac, there is a feature known as “Resolve” which can be used to collapse comments in Microsoft excel and also to make an open item stand out among the others so that you can easily have a look on it.

Android- the Version 16.0.12026.20174 is the latest version of Office 365 for Android users. It includes a new layout design option which can be used for larger screens. The three-pane layout along with a flexible pane is something Android users are feeling lucky for. You can also as many windows on your Samsung DeX station which allows you to get your hands upon the enhanced setting for using the keyboard and mouse.

With the latest update in Office 365, the S pen is now supported in Outlook and also you can add a Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail account to it. On top of that, you can now Edit a meeting series, respond to new time proposals, and compress the content of your videos according to your need.

Windows Mobile- the latest version of Office 365 for Windows mobile users includes a “Better Shape-shifting” feature. Using this one, you give a name to the shapes so that you can easily control them for morphing and to edit the settings for their transition. The latest “six powerful” functions allow a user to supercharge their Excel spreadsheets in a unique way.


Hope you have got your hands on the latest update of the Office 365. If not, then what are you waiting for? Visit and download the latest version of Office 365 for staying up-to-date in the world of creativity and productivity.