Stay Prepared with the Reliable RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL: A Must-Have Master Link!

Stay Prepared with the Reliable RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL: A Must-Have Master Link!

Welcome‍ to our product review blog, where ⁤we share ⁢our first-hand experiences with different products to help you make informed purchasing‌ decisions. Today, we’re excited to talk ‍about‍ the RK⁢ Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard Non O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting Link.

Let’s face‍ it, getting stranded is every rider’s worst nightmare. That’s ⁣why it’s crucial to have reliable equipment that can prevent such situations. And that’s where the RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL comes in. ‍This high-quality clip-style​ connecting link for RKM 520 standard⁤ non ⁢O-ring chains could be a game-changer⁢ for riders like us.

One thing‍ we’ve learned from ⁤our experiences⁣ is that it’s always smart to have a spare‌ master ⁤link in your‌ garage or​ repair kit. And​ this RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL is ⁢a fantastic option to‌ consider. With⁣ its ​impressive specifications, it’s a reliable and durable solution that gives us peace of mind ‍during our rides.

Featuring a pin length of 18.80mm ⁢and a⁣ maximum wear life index of 200, this connecting link offers​ exceptional performance. It can ⁤withstand a maximum tensile⁤ strength of 7700 pounds/feet, which is more than enough for most riding conditions. Plus, with its weight​ of 3.65 pounds per 100 links, it strikes a great balance between strength and weight.

The master link type is a clip,⁣ which ⁢makes it easy to install​ and⁤ remove⁣ when ‍needed. This is especially useful for ‍riders who like to tinker with their bikes or perform regular⁢ maintenance. Additionally, with‌ 19.2 links per foot and a pin to pin center distance of 15.875mm,‌ it’s designed to fit a variety of ⁤motorcycles.

In conclusion, the⁤ RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard ​Non ‌O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting Link is a must-have for‌ any rider looking for a ‌reliable ⁢spare master link. Its​ exceptional specifications and ease of installation make it a⁣ valuable addition to any​ repair kit​ or garage. ‍Now you can ride with confidence, knowing that‍ you have a dependable backup plan⁣ should⁢ the need arise.

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Stay Prepared with the Reliable RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL: A Must-Have Master Link!插图
The RK‍ Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard Non⁣ O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting Link is a must-have accessory for any motorcycle enthusiast. This ‍high-quality‍ clip-style connecting link is designed to keep you​ from getting stranded on the‍ road. It’s always smart ‍to ⁣have a spare master link in your garage or ‌repair kit, and ‌this product is the ⁣perfect solution.

With ‍a pin length of 18.80mm, this connecting link is built to‍ withstand maximum wear and tear. ⁢The maximum ‍tensile strength of ​7700 pounds/feet ensures that it ​can handle even⁤ the ⁢toughest conditions. And ‍at ‍just 3.65 pounds per 100 ‌links, it won’t ‍add ‌unnecessary weight to ⁤your bike.

The RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series‍ Standard Non O-Ring ‍Clip-Type Connecting Link has a master link ⁣type of clip, making it easy⁢ to install and remove. With 19.2 links per foot ⁣and a pin-to-pin center measurement of 15.875mm, it offers a⁤ perfect fit for your motorcycle. Whether you’re riding on the street or off-road, this connecting link ​is designed ‍to handle up to⁤ 400cc.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make sure to⁤ have a‍ spare‍ master link⁣ like the RK Racing ⁣Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard Non O-Ring​ Clip-Type​ Connecting Link ⁤in your garage or repair kit. It’s ‍a small investment that can save you from ⁤a big⁣ headache down the ​road. So why take ⁣chances? Get yours today and ensure a smooth⁢ ride wherever you go. Purchase ​it here.

When it comes to keeping your motorcycle⁢ running smoothly, having‍ a⁢ spare master⁤ link ⁤on hand ⁢can save ⁢the ‌day. That’s where the RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard Non O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting Link comes in. This high-quality clip-style connecting link is designed for RKM 520‍ standard non O-ring chains, and it’s‌ a must-have for any serious rider.

One of the⁣ impressive features of ⁢this connecting link is its ⁢durability. With a⁤ maximum tensile strength of 7700 pounds/feet, you can trust that ‍this link will hold up even ‌under the‍ toughest conditions. Plus, with a‍ maximum wear‌ life index of 200, you can expect this link to⁣ last for miles and miles of riding.

Another standout feature is the weight ​of⁣ this ​connecting‍ link. At just 3.65 ‍pounds per 100‍ links, it’s lightweight and won’t weigh you down as you hit the‌ open road. Whether you’re riding on the​ street or off-road, ⁣this ‌link is suitable for motorcycles⁣ with a maximum ⁤cc of⁣ 400.

So ‍why take‌ chances and‍ risk‍ getting stranded without a spare master link? Invest in ‍the RK Racing‌ Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard​ Non O-Ring Clip-Type ⁤Connecting Link today and ride ⁤with confidence. Head over to‍ our ⁢website to ‌grab‌ yours now!

In our in-depth‌ review of the‍ RK Racing Chain‌ M520HD-CL ​520 Series Standard Non O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting⁢ Link,‌ we found that this high-quality connecting link is a fantastic⁤ addition to your motorcycle repair kit or garage. ⁣Its clip-style design⁢ ensures that you won’t get stranded with ‍a broken chain, giving you peace of ​mind during your rides.

One of the⁢ standout features ⁢of‍ this connecting link is⁢ its impressive ​specifications. With a pin length of 18.80mm, maximum wear life index of 200,⁣ and maximum tensile strength of⁣ 7700 pounds/feet, you⁢ can‌ trust ‍that this connecting link is built to last. Additionally, ⁤it has a weight of 3.65 pounds per ​100 links, making it lightweight and minimizing any added bulk to your ​bike. The 19.2 links per foot and 15.875mm pin to pin center measurements‌ ensure a secure and reliable connection.

When it comes to performance and durability, ‍the RK‍ Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard Non O-Ring ⁢Clip-Type Connecting Link is top-notch. ⁤Its⁣ clip-style design​ allows​ for easy installation and removal, making it convenient when you need to replace⁢ or repair⁣ your chain. This connecting link is‌ specifically ‌designed for ​RKM⁣ 520 standard non O-ring chains, ensuring compatibility ​and optimal ⁤performance.

With its exceptional​ build quality and reliable performance, we highly⁤ recommend the⁣ RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520⁣ Series Standard Non O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting Link. Don’t wait until you’re stranded on the ⁢road – add this essential link to your collection today.⁤ Visit our Amazon page to purchase the connecting link and keep⁣ your bike running smoothly.


  1. Proper ‍Installation: When installing the RK‌ Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard Non O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting Link, make sure to follow these steps for a secure⁤ and reliable connection:

    • Ensure that the ⁣chain is clean ⁢and​ free from any dirt​ or debris ⁣before installation.
    • Carefully ​align​ the connecting link with⁢ the corresponding pins ⁢on the chain.
    • Gently tap the connecting link ‌into place using a rubber mallet or‌ a soft-faced hammer⁤ to avoid causing any damage.
    • Double-check ⁢that the clip⁤ is ⁢properly ‍seated⁣ by giving it⁢ a slight tug test to ensure⁣ it is securely in place.

  2. Regular Maintenance: To extend the⁢ lifespan of your‌ RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series ​Standard Non O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting‌ Link, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance. Here are ⁣some recommendations:

    • Clean the chain‌ regularly with a chain cleaner to remove​ dirt, grime, and debris that can cause premature‌ wear.
    • Inspect the connecting link for any signs of ⁢damage, such as ‌cracks, bends, or excessive⁤ wear. ⁤Replace the connecting link immediately if any damage is detected.
    • Lubricate the chain with a high-quality chain lubricant regularly to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation.
    • Check the tension of the chain regularly and adjust⁢ it​ if necessary​ to prevent excessive slack or tightness.

By following these , ‌you can ensure ​reliable performance and prolong the lifespan of your chain.⁢ Don’t ⁣wait until⁢ it’s too⁤ late,​ get your spare master link today and be ⁣prepared ‍for any unexpected chain issues. Purchase the RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard Non O-Ring Clip-Type‍ Connecting Link now on Amazon.

Customer Reviews ⁢Analysis

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

⁤ In this section, we will analyze the customer reviews‍ for the “RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL 520 Series Standard‍ Non ⁤O-Ring Clip-Type Connecting Link”. By examining⁤ the ​feedback from customers, we aim to provide you‌ with valuable ⁢insights about the ⁣product.

Review 1: Does what a master link should

“Master link on my‌ 95 Polaris magnum fell out. ‌Used this as a ‍replacement and it fit and ‌is working great. About 10 hours of⁣ hard trails with ‌it in and​ no issues so far.”

Review 2: Piece⁤ of cake

⁣ ⁣ “I liked the ease of​ the install, once​ I purged it from ​the wrapper and cosmoline coating. ‘Piece of cake’ – Gordon”

Review ⁣3:​ Works ⁤just like a‌ master link should

“Works‌ just like a master link should. Just make sure you know‍ your chain size before buying to make sure proper ⁣fitment.”

Review 4: ‌Didn’t fit

“Didn’t fit.”

Review 5:⁢ Great price and ⁤excellent shipping

⁢ ‌ “I have no idea what this is or what it does, but my son seems extremely happy with it.‍ Great price and excellent shipping.”

Review 6: Could ⁢not ⁣get the clip back⁣ on over chain

“Could‍ not get the clip back on ⁣over chain.”


From the reviews analyzed, ‌we can draw some key points about the RK‌ Racing Chain M520HD-CL.

  • The product is an excellent replacement for a⁢ fallen master ⁣link on a Polaris ‍magnum, proving ‍its compatibility and durability.
  • The ⁤installation process​ is relatively ⁢easy after removing the ​packaging and ‍cosmoline coating mentioned ⁤by Gordon.
  • It functions‍ as expected, serving the​ purpose ⁣of a master ⁢link.
  • It is crucial to know your chain⁣ size ⁤before making a purchase to ensure proper fitment.
  • One customer reported that the product did not fit, ⁤suggesting potential ‌compatibility issues.
  • Despite ⁤having limited knowledge about the‍ product, a customer expressed satisfaction with its price and shipping service.
  • There was one difficulty reported with reattaching the clip ‌over the chain.


‍ Overall, the RK Racing Chain ⁣M520HD-CL receives positive reviews for⁣ its functionality, ease of installation, ⁣and value for money. However, there​ is a possibility of compatibility​ issues, so it is⁢ advisable to ensure ‍proper fitment before purchasing. ⁢With its advantages as a reliable master link, this product could ‌be a valuable addition for‌ chain maintenance and replacement.

Pros & Cons


Reliable: The RK Racing Chain​ M520HD-CL is ​a dependable and durable master ⁤link that can be trusted to keep your chain secure.
High-quality: This clip-style connecting link is made with ⁤high-quality materials, ensuring‌ its‍ longevity⁢ and performance.
Prevents getting stranded: Having a ‌spare master link in your‍ garage or repair kit can save you from ⁢being ⁢stranded if ⁤your chain breaks unexpectedly.
Easy to install: The ⁣clip-style design of this connecting link makes it easy to ‌install and remove ​when necessary.
Wide⁤ application: The M520HD-CL is suitable for use with 520 standard‍ non O-ring chains ⁢and has a maximum cc‌ rating ​of​ 400cc ‌for street and⁤ NA-off-road use.


Not suitable for all chains: As a clip-style connecting link, it is ‍important to ensure⁤ compatibility with ⁢your specific chain before‍ purchasing.
Requires periodic‌ maintenance: Like all chain components, the M520HD-CL⁣ should be periodically inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance and⁤ longevity.
May not fit ​all motorcycles: Before purchasing, double-check​ the specifications and compatibility of this master⁤ link with your ​motorcycle to avoid⁢ any fitting issues.


Q: What is the RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL?

A: The RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL ​is a high-quality clip-style connecting link designed for RKM 520 standard non O-ring chains.⁤ It serves as‍ a crucial master link that can keep you from​ getting stranded​ during your rides.

Q: Why should I have a ⁣spare master link?

A: It’s always wise to be⁤ prepared, ⁣especially when it comes‌ to motorcycle maintenance. Having a​ spare master link like the​ RK ⁢Racing Chain M520HD-CL ‍in your garage or repair⁢ kit ensures that you have a backup⁣ solution in ⁤case your current chain encounters ‌any issues ⁣while you’re out‍ on the road.

Q:‍ What are ‌the ⁤specifications of the RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL?

A: The RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL boasts impressive specifications. ‌It has a pin length of 18.80mm and a maximum wear⁣ life index of 200. With a maximum tensile strength of 7700 pounds/feet, this ⁤master link is built to withstand the⁢ demands‍ of your motorcycle. It has a⁤ weight of⁣ 3.65 ⁣pounds per 100 links and‍ is suitable for ‍motorcycles with a maximum displacement of 400cc ⁤for street use ⁣or ‌non-aggressive‍ off-road‍ riding.​

Q:⁣ What type⁢ of master link does the RK‌ Racing ‌Chain M520HD-CL have?

A: The RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL features a⁣ clip-style master‌ link. This type ⁢of link is ⁤known‍ for​ its⁣ ease of installation and⁢ removal, making it convenient for riders who prefer a hassle-free maintenance experience.

Q: How many links are there per foot?

A: The RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL has​ 19.2 ‌links per foot, ensuring a precise fit for your motorcycle’s chain length.

Q:⁤ What is the pin-to-pin center measurement?

A: The pin-to-pin center measurement of ⁢the RK ‌Racing Chain M520HD-CL is 15.875mm, ensuring proper alignment and secure connection between chain links. ‌

Having a⁤ reliable‍ and durable master link like the ⁤RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL is definitely a ‌must-have for any​ motorcycle enthusiast. ‍With its top-notch specifications and clip-style design, you ​can rest assured that this⁢ connecting⁣ link will ​keep your chain running smoothly⁢ and prevent any unwelcome surprises on your rides.⁤ Make sure to⁢ have one as a backup, and stay prepared for any ‌unexpected situations on the road!

Transform Your World

And there you have⁢ it, folks! The RK⁤ Racing Chain M520HD-CL: ⁤a⁤ must-have master‍ link that will keep you prepared for any unexpected chain⁣ mishap. We can’t stress‌ enough how important it is‌ to have a ​spare link ⁢in your garage or⁣ repair kit, and this high-quality clip-style connecting link is the perfect solution.

With specifications⁣ like a pin length of 18.80mm, a ⁤maximum wear ‌life index⁤ of 200, and an impressive maximum ​tensile strength ⁢of⁣ 7700 pounds/feet, you can ​trust that this master link is built to withstand even the ⁢toughest riding conditions. Plus,‍ with a weight of only 3.65 pounds per⁤ 100 links, it⁢ won’t weigh you down on ⁢your adventures.

Designed specifically for​ RKM 520 standard non O-ring chains, this ⁢master‌ link is a⁤ reliable and durable option for ⁢both street‍ and ⁣off-road bikes. ‌With⁢ 19.2 links per foot and a pin to pin center of ⁣15.875mm, it’s compatible with a‍ wide range of ⁤motorcycles up to 400cc.

Don’t‌ find yourself stranded on ⁤the side of the⁣ road or trail without a functioning chain. Be proactive ‌and secure your RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL ⁣today. Click on the link below to get yours now:

Get your RK Racing Chain M520HD-CL here!

Remember, preparation is key when it comes to ​enjoying a smooth and worry-free ride. Trust the reliability of⁤ the RK ⁢Racing Chain M520HD-CL and keep your‍ wheels spinning without a hitch.

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