Microsoft Office 2021 is on its way


This release will be made available for both the users of the Windows operating system as well as Mac. Along with the updated version of everything, the licensed users are entitled to get the following:

  1. 1) Access official Microsoft support
  2. 2) Get notified and eligibility to install the latest product updates
  3. 3) Receive time zone patches, if there are any
  4. 4) Attain the security features by Microsoft

We will share additional details around the official names, pricing, and availability of all these products later.

Prior to that, Microsoft Office was trying very hard to keep on dragging its subscription version, although there were no such problems people had with Microsoft 365, the only thing that pissed them off was paying for it every month.


The subscription-based product also gave the users access to all the classics as well as new apps and was a recognized tool for the collaboration purpose. But, Microsoft made it available as a one-time purchase, then users would not long for anything else.

Will it be similar to Office 2019?

Since Microsoft did not make anything clear about its pricing and technical specifications, many users as well as experts are suggesting it to be similar to Office 2019. You will get to learn more about it in the near future as soon as Microsoft makes any clear statements regarding this. But one thing that is quite obvious is that it can be only accessible via office com setup.

Till then, you may continue to use the existing version of Microsoft Office 2021 on your device and wait for the product launch till mid-2021.

Would it be worth upgrading to Office 2021?

Now, that we had a glance at all the aspects related to the new perpetual version of Microsoft Office (Office 2021), the one question that may come to an existing Microsoft Office user is “Is it worth upgrading to the latest version of Office or not?” Well, the answer to this question depends on the requirements of the user. Although, nowadays, the tech freaks are sticking to subscription-based programs such as Microsoft 365 (which can be availed at Microsoft 365 com Setup) rather than going for the one-time purchase. This is because of the services and features that keep on coming along with it. However, there is one good quality about MS Office 2021 i.e. you can continue to use it for as long as you want even if Microsoft ends support for the product, but only if you are not concerned about security. Now, the choice is all yours.