Build-up Your Productivity With Microsoft Outlook

The world is well-familiarized with Microsoft and the services it offers. The services most talked about are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Not long ago, Microsoft Outlook started catching widespread attention. It is a software program for your computers and offers several services to make your everyday life much, much easier.

It comes included with the other Microsoft Office programs offering to manage your emails, your address book, acts like a notebook and web browser and lets you organize your future meetings or plan your daily schedule with its built-in calendar feature. Moving ahead with a discussion on the advantages of using Microsoft Outlook and its supporting smartphones.

Effective Benefits Of Microsoft Outlook

It is commonly known as the software system for personal information management. Microsoft Outlook comes with many advantages and they further improve the productivity of our work. Here are a few benefits that are worthy of getting compelled for:

  • Search Feature- This Microsoft service comes with an in-built search function that grants you access to emails, contacts and important dates (searching with keywords, sender’s name, etc.). And it’s not limited to that. This particular feature can be used for all Outlook programs (inclusive of the Calendar, Contact Manager, as well as Task Manager).
  • Connectivity Enhancements- You aren’t just limited to use Microsoft Outlook on your computer system. Yes, you can access and use it on your mobile phone as well. You can send and receive emails, edit events on your calendar, and even take notes. All you need is to sync it on your phone. Your phone calendar can also be turned into a portable planer, and get alerted on your scheduled events.
  • Organizing with ease- Being an email management program software, it does more than just sending and receiving emails. It attains direct sync of your email with your calendar and contact list. Make plans and schedules from your email, and share your notes in OneNote (one of the Outlook service) as emails or as text messages.
  • Security Advantages- Overtime, Outlook introduced new security features to prevent the increase of Cybercrime (inclusive of junk and phishing websites protection). You get alerted when the in-built scanner suspects emails that might be sent from unreliable sources. You have full control of disabling live links and blocking such senders.
  • Facility to connect with people- You can easily share your scheduled events or deadlines, by sending your Calendar with anyone you want. Make changes and manage online calendar events for your clients and get access at their convenience, or share your subscriptions and contact details. Another good thing is that you can send text messages to anyone’s phone on your contact list, and even special customized business cards.

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Other Benefits

  • Convert your Outlook calendar to a PDF file;
  • Get a reminder to check your email attachments;
  • Outlook Calendar automatically saves alerts based on your emails about upcoming flights, car rentals, or hotel bookings;
  • “Ignore” an email thread instead of deleting every single email;
  • Outlook’s new item alert allows you to set specific criteria so that you don’t have to wait for an email, and get notified when an email meets the set criteria; and a lot more.


Microsoft Outlook has made our lives extremely easy. It takes care of all the important events such as, checking important emails, scheduled meetings and events, direct text messages to phones, add events on your calendar and so much more. It lets you focus on your work and enhances your productivity to a great extent. The above-mentioned advantages will, without any doubt, pull you to use it. And the in-built security feature, simply adds to a better experience.