MS Office to Offer OneDrive Personal Vault and Expandable Storage

If we talk about cloud storage, MS Office’s OneDrive comes to the light and throughout the latest advancements and innovation with One Drive there is a new feature that has come into action recently that gives you greater security for your files that are stored safely in the cloud. Microsoft is all geared up to announce OneDrive personal Vault that uses identity verification for protecting your valuable files. You will get to use the latest Personal Vault and expandable storage features.

This article will help you to understand the latest advanced features that the brand has to offer you. If you want to know about other recent advancements in Office applications and services then you can visit Microsoft’s official website.

Introducing all-new Personal Vault feature

The primitive thing is to know what Personal Vault is. It is a protected area where you can access files with the help of a strong authentication method to protect you from Identity theft. The most important thing to understand this feature of added security will not slow you down. You can easily access your documents, photos, and files anywhere and on any device. If you go beyond the second layer of identity verification, the Personal vault also comprises of the below-mentioned features:-

  • Scan and Shoot: Using this feature, you can easily scan the documents or you can even shoot the photos directly into your Personal Vault.
  • Automatic Locking: You don’t need to worry about whether you have kept your files and Personal Vault open for access or not because it gets logged out automatically.
  • Bitlocker encryption: On the Windows 10 devices, the One Drive automatically syncs both Personal Vault and Bitlocker encrypted area to each other.
  • Restricted sharing: It restricts the automatic file sharing feature within the users so that your data and files are kept secure.

Note: All these features that have been briefly discussed above helps the users to ensure that the Personal Vault files are not stored unsafely on your PC plus you will get the additional protection for your files.

There has been much advancement in OneDrive, but being the most recent and advanced Personal Vault also includes file encryption, monitoring suspicious sign-ins, virus or ransomware detection, scanning vulnerable threats and many more. To know more, you can visit Microsoft’s official website that goes by the URL

Enjoy the Global presence of Personal Vault

In the end, I would like to inform you that the Personal Vault feature is available worldwide and to start using the Personal Vault, you just need to click on the Personal Vault icon that is visible in your OneDrive. If you are using OneDrive for free then you are eligible to store up to three files in Personal Vault. You can visit the official website of Microsoft that goes by the URL for more details about the latest features.