Access Office 2021 Account

Application compilation for Microsoft Office 365

  1. 1) Microsoft Word – To create flawless documents
  2. 2) Microsoft Excel – For data collection, analysis and calculations
  3. 3) Microsoft Access – To generate accuracy reports
  4. 4) Microsoft Publisher – To create a variety of publications
  5. 5) Microsoft PowerPoint – To make eye catchy presentations
  6. 6) Microsoft Outlook – To manage your reminders and emails.
  7. 7) Microsoft To Do – To manage and enhance your day’s productivity
  8. 8) Microsoft Family Safety – To help you set screen time for your kids, apply content filter, generate activity reports, and so much more for your family safety.
  9. 9) Microsoft One Drive – Offers massive storage to keep your documents, images, files, and videos safe.
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Each program running under office com myaccount product key offers unique features and is well-matched with other Microsoft programs and software. is your one stop destination to avail MSOffice services.

The available choices within are

Components of Microsoft 365

  1. 1) It is a paid/subscription-based service that makes sure that you use the most updated and modern version of all Microsoft services.
  2. 2) With Microsoft 365 you get all the application software, as mentioned above, equipped to improve performance and work efficiency.
  3. 3) There are various plans for you to choose from, depending on what services you are looking for and what purpose you want to use Microsoft 365 for.
  4. 4) The categories of the subscription plans are for home/personal use, small and medium businesses, education purposes, and setting up large industries.

Major traits for Office 2019

  1. 1) Office 2019 offers a one-time purchase option, usually beneficial for those with pre decided and fixed usage of MS Office applications.
  2. 2) This option requires you to pay the total cost at once, install the applications, and enjoy the regularly available updates.
  3. 3) With Office 2019, you do not have to worry about making monthly payments as you have a pre-defined usage limit on all the applications and go forth with enjoying the services for an entire year.
  4. 4) This application software is available for all computers including Mac devices.

Microsoft Office Online for free

  1. 1) Office Online is a “no charge” version or replica of
  2. 2) Users can get access to any of the Microsoft applications from their Office subscription plan through any preferred web browser.
  3. 3) Downloading each of the applications is not at all necessary, users can quickly go on to use the free cloud-based versions of them.
  4. 4) The only mandatory requirement to experience Office Online is creating or acquiring an account on

To create Microsoft Office Account

To browse through the available applications, its features, latest updates, it is mandatory to create a free of charge MS office account on Refer to the below mentioned steps to help you create and login to your Microsoft 365 com Setup

  1. 1) Browse or on your browser’s search bar.
  2. 2) Microsoft office home page appears. Click ‘sign-in to your account’ tab on the top right corner.
  3. 3) Sign-in box appears, locate and click ‘Create one!’
  4. 4) Enter the necessary details – your email ID as the user name. Click ‘Next’.
  5. 5) Enter an 8 character unique password of your choice. Check the requirements to create a strong and valid password.
  6. 6) Read through the terms and conditions, and click ‘Agree’.
  7. 7) Enter the OTP which you will receive on the email ID that you entered as your user name.
  8. 8) Solve the captcha.
  9. 9) Your setup to create a Microsoft Office Account is Finish.

Steps to Product Installation with an office account

Product key Installation

  1. 1) This product key is used to install the myaccount applications
  2. 2) office com myaccount product key is a 25 character code that comes along with your purchase.
  3. 3) It can be in physical (scratch card) or digital form (via email).
  4. 4) Scratch card – the office com myaccount product key is mentioned at the back and is suggested to pay care as it cannot be recovered.
  5. 5) Please note that the product key once used cannot be reused for the same purchase.