A comprehensive guide to buy-Office 365 vs office 2019

You might be confused in with a situation that is office 365 vs office 2019 mac which is better and this is one challenging situation. With the release of Mac version 2019, the users are in the dilemma set between office 365 vs office 2019 and what to buy. The most primitive difference between the two depends upon their respective features. The features that are available for Office 2019 for Mac are just the upgrades for Office 2016 version. On the contrary, Office 365 is a subscription for the Office that does offer the cloud-connected features that are protected and creative.

The Office 2019 Mac is not having the cloud-connected features that would have been the best option for Mac users. While you choose to purchase an Office subscription then you need to consider the basic needs. Most of the features that you get in Office 2019 for Mac are different from Office 365 that revolves around basic apps such as Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Excel. Apart from the costing, there are other factors that help you to decide the basic difference between Microsoft office 365 vs 2019. Here is the complete guide to purchasing the office 2019 or office 365.

office 365 vs office 2019

Office 365 vs office 2019

  1. Cost- Microsoft office 2019 vs 365: With Office 365 subscription you will get an offer to choose to make the monthly payments or yearly. Just to cut the cost you can easily install office 365 on several devices share the cost and enjoy the subscription with some additional upgraded features. The purchasing cost of the subscription depends upon the customer’s usage. You have Office 365 home, Office 365 university, Personal, Business, and many other advanced features for which the cost will be higher. Hence, the budget to decide office 365 vs office 2019 mac which is better is essential to look for the long-term cost and to the features for which toy can spend more. Office 2019 is nominal with basic upgraded features but the cost of 365 is a bit higher with the comparison.
  2. Features- office 2019 vs office 365: The most important this is to know the features and then make the purchasing decision accordingly. There are many features in Office 2019 for Mac that you cannot find in Office 365. However, you should decide according to your Office needs. So here are some of the primitive features for analyzing Office 365 vs office 2019 mac which is better.
    1. Word features: For the Office 2019 for Mac there are different features that are not found in other Offices such as essentials being translator, text to speech, customizable ribbons, text spacing, and much more. Whereas in Office 365 there are features like editors, researchers, real-time and group collaborations, etc.
    2. Outlook: In Office 2019 for Mac the Outlook just focuses on good workflow and email drafting features. These features include the templates, easy sending, and receiving emails with respect to receipts of emails. Moreover, you will get extra inking features that do allow you to control the thickness of the highlighted text. In-Office 365 you get group chats and teamwork for the easier email texts.
  3. Understanding the updates- office 365 vs office 2019 mac which is better: Remember, Office 2019 for Mac is just a unique package that focuses on the users of private and business users. Hence, there will be no updates on the features as it is known to be one of the best versions of Office, However, it will undergo several other checks and primitive fixes. On the other hand, using Office 365 need to update the features on a monthly or annual basis. Point to remember, is with Office 365 you will be needing internet access by people who travel and this is all because you need the cloud-based features.

Final thoughts:

If we compare and check office 365 vs office 2019 mac which is better you must understand that the extended support of two years is applicable with 5 years of Office 2019 for Mac subscription. However, with Office 365 you will just get the support assistance for 5 years. Therefore office 365 vs office 2019 is important to consider for making the right choice. All you just need to know the needs and the features as compatible with your operating systems. Make sure that you take an ample amount of time to research and then invest the money to purchase the one between Office 365 and Office 2019.