A user’s guide on Office 2007 and its compatibility with Windows 10

Office 2007 is one of the widely used Office software when it was launched. Although there were many Office suites which were launched after that, many people are still using it because it has everything they want. If you are an Office user, then you cannot deny the fact that it is one of the basic and all-in-one packages for users. People love it because of its flexibility i.e. it is available in eight versions and you can choose whatever version you like.

Many people have moved to Office 365, Office 2019 and more, but some users still want to use the 2007 version. But the question arises that we can still use it on Windows or not. Well, we will discuss the answer to this question in the next section. But first, it is important to know what issues users face while using it and how can you get rid of those issues.

What issues does the user face with Office 2007?

There are no such major issues that users face while using Office on their devices, but some are still complaining about the little issues that they are facing with Office 2007. A list of these issues is given below:

  • The new file formats in Word is not compatible with .docx format and users fear that they cannot save their files in this format.
  • The new default styles for headings were available in the XML-based .docx format and cannot be used in .doc format which is upsetting many users.
  • People think that using the new ribbon interface is very difficult.
  • The ribbon takes up too much screen space which is not liked by users.

But when users delved deeply into using Office 2007, they found out that these are actually misconceptions and all of these points are worthless. If you are still finding it difficult to use Office 2007, then you should immediately seek Office 2007 support.

Is Office 2007 compatible with Windows 10?

However, it is recommended to upgrade and use the latest version of Office, if you still wish to use Office 2007, then you can. If you are wondering it is compatible with Windows 10 or not, then we can say that yes it is. You can still use it in your Windows-based device but not the other version of it which came prior to 2007.


You may check the list of versions of Office that are compatible with Windows OS. If you are using Office version prior to 2007 then you should immediately upgrade to the latest one so that you can enjoy the all-new features of MS Office. If you cannot find the list on the official website, then you may seek assistance from Office 2007 support executives. The experts available at Office 2007 windows support will guide you throughout the problem until you resolve it. Although this version is not a part of mainstream support, you can still try your luck.