New Surface Neo- specs, price, release date and more

Microsoft never lags when it comes to delivering new technology to the world in the form of gadgets and devices. And here we are going to discuss its new creation i.e. New Surface Neo. The biggest highlight of this device is its two screens and a keyboard that you have never seen before.

The device will feature the latest version of the operating system that is called Windows 10X. So, let us have a glance at some of its best features and what makes it different from the rest.

Price and release date

Microsoft, first, gave a hint towards the launch of this PC in the month of October in 2019 and also announced that it will be made available for the people during the Holiday of 2020. Another hint that the tech-giant gave towards this is that it will be released a year later which means you can take it home nearly in November or December 2020.

But, there is no official announcement about the precise release date of Neo. Speaking about the price, we do not know anything about it till now. All we can say that it might cost us around $1,000. This is because the rate of the Surface Pro series was similar to this.


Design is the most impactful feature of a device and when it comes to Neo, the device is somewhat similar to dual-screen PCs that we have across in the past. The touch-screens measure around 9 inches but its resolution is not known by now. Another highlighting feature of this device is its hinge. The hinge lays hidden under a polish ketal that is present beneath the screen.

This feature lets you use the two screens as one which is not the case with other foldable smartphones available in the market. It is not the screen that folds in Neo, but they are crafted separately and uniquely making it look like one. This feature makes it more durable as compared to other such gadgets.

A few specifications

  • Its thickness will be around 0.44 inches
  • The weight is 1.4 pounds
  • Has a single USB-C port
  • Volume button present on the left
  • Includes Windows Hello IR webcam.
  • Using this webcam, you can do facial login and take selfies.
  • Wonder Bar

An intuitive keyboard

There is a detachable Bluetooth keyboard in it and when you attach it to the other part, you can use it as a laptop. On this keyboard, there are no physical keys but it would work as a keyboard in your smartphones. There is this Wonder Bar in the keyboard which is not similar to the traditional space bar of a keyboard.

With this bar, you can do more than just use it as a space button because it allows you to select GIFs, emoticons, and do much more.

Applications and Operating system

Microsoft has specifically developed an all-new operating system known as Windows 10X for dual-screen PCs which would help you take your productivity to the next level. This ultimately means that you will get to experience certain new features including tile applications, app-dragging features, etc.

On top of that, you can expand whatever you are viewing on one screen on the two screens. Moreover, you can work together on two tabs, for example, you can play music on one tab and continue your chatting session on the other one.

Link sharing has also become easier but all you need to do is get your hands on it as soon as it arrives. We do not know much about its battery life or its performance but all we know is that Intel’s Lakefield processor is going to be incorporated into the device. Last but not the least, you can fold the two screens up to 360 degrees which are making people more curious about it.