5 Tips to customize MS Office settings on an iPad

Have you recently installed a version of Microsoft Office on your iPad but not happy with how it works? Well, you can always make personalized changes to your Office productivity suite and make a spike in your productivity. If you could not use any software in your own way, it may hamper your work leading to lesser output on the user’s part. Microsoft has taken care of this thing and developed the software in such a flexible manner that anybody can customize it at his convenience.

In fact, this could not only be done on an iPad but on all the devices on which you could download and install Office applications or software. Once you are done with installing the software successfully, you can make better use of the product by adding your personalized touch to it.

Though for some users, using Office products in their actual condition is pretty convenient and hence they do not want to make any changes to it. On the other hand, there are some users who might need to make some changes to it.

So, if you are also interested in having a personalized experience of using Office on your iPad, then you can find these tips handy. These tips will not only make your user experience better but will also save you some trouble.

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Thus, with no further delay, let’s dig out what we can do to use Office suite at its best.

Here’s what you can do

Tip 1- Enable the Spell Check feature

Though the Office version for iPad works somewhat differently as compared to Office products you use on your desktop, there is a Spell Check feature in it which allows you to make an error-free composition. Whenever you make a writing mistake, you will see a red line under it. To fix this mistake, you simply need to double-click on it, and then you’ll be shown relevant suggestions. To turn on this feature, you just need to navigate to the “View” option on your current composition and take the necessary action for the “Spell Check” feature.

Tip 2- Enable/Disable auto-save option

Based on your preference, you can disable or enable the auto-save feature for your Microsoft Apps or programs. Although it is not advised to disable this feature as it helps to automatically save your data during unexpected shutdowns. However, if you still wish to turn this feature off, you can navigate to the upper-left corner of your preferred program and tap on the icon with a “refresh” arrow. When the next menu opens, you simply need to take the slider towards the off/on position.

Tip 3- Get more storage on OneDrive

It is quite obvious that you want some extra storage on your OneDrive. So, if you are also wondering how to get that extra space, then the answer is you can always get Microsoft OneDrive for Business. This program comes with huge storage space and some additional options. By installing it on your device, you can make sure that you can store all your important data in a single place.

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Tip 4- Use AirPlay Mirroring feature to print documents

There is an AirPlay utility that has been specifically built for iPad users so that they can print without having to connect to long cables. The mirroring feature is only available for those users who have more than one Apple device. To use this feature, you simply need to connect your printer to the AirPlay utility and print from any connected device including your Apple TV.

Tip 5- Enable the Office Lens to capture images

If you want to take pictures while using OneNote on your iPad, then you can use the Lens feature on it to get the digitized copy of the documents present on your screen. To use this feature, you simply need to get the Office Lens software on your device and start capturing the data. As soon as the app gets downloaded on your device, you simply need to capture the image and it will be cropped out automatically in a straightened out form. To use the Lens feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch Microsoft OneNote on your iPad
  2. On the taskbar, choose the “Insert” option
  3. From the menu that opens, click on the “camera” option
  4. Now, capture the image and click on “Document”
  5. Do not forget to tick-mark the box at the bottom of the page

To sum up-

The final conclusion drawn from this article is that by putting in extra effort in customizing your Office applications via Microsoft365.com/setup, you can be more productive and give a personalized touch to your work. This will not only make your user experience a better one but also save you headaches. In addition to the tips that I have mentioned in this post, you can also add Skype, Yammer, and Lync on your iPad to enhance your experience.