– Microsoft 365/setup

An Outline of Microsoft 365 setup

  1. 1) Create an account on the Microsoft Office portal
  2. 2) Purchase a suitable Microsoft 365 subscription
  3. 3) Go to Microsoft 365/setup and sign in
  4. 4)Now, enter the product key carefully
  5. 5) Download Office and run the setup file
  6. 6)Follow the on-screen prompts for installation
  7. 7)Open an Office app, sign in to your account
  8. 8)And activate Office by agreeing to the license terms

Want to learn the complete procedure? Give the following sections a read.

Download and install Microsoft 365 on PC

  1. 1) First of all, go to Microsoft 365/setup from your browser
  2. 2) After that, log in to your Microsoft account
  3. 3) Next up, you need to click on the “Install Office”
  4. 4) When the Microsoft 365 screen opens, choose “Install Office”
  5. 5) As soon as the next screen pops up, choose “Install”
  6. 6) On the next screen, choose the “Run” option from the two
  7. 7) The setup will start installing Office apps on your device
  8. 8) On the next prompt, enter your email address

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Steps to activate Microsoft 365 on your PC

  1. 1) Locate and open one of the Microsoft 365/setup apps
  2. 2) For example, you can open Word or PowerPoint
  3. 3) As the app launches, sign in to your Microsoft account
  4. 4) Select “Accept” after going through the license agreement

The chosen app will now open on your screen and you can start using the available options to showcase your skills and complete the assigned tasks. Whether you own a Windows PC or Mac, the setup steps will remain the same.