Comparative difference between Microsoft Word and Google docs

It has been more than three decades when Microsoft developed its word processing application that is commonly known as Microsoft Word. This program is used by almost all the people of the working world and no program could ever come closer to the popularity and features of that of Word.

While on the other hand, Google has made some kind of practice to come a bit closer to Word.

Google docs are one such practice that is made for processing documents without having you to download it on your device. It comes as an in-built feature and is free of cost. However, it doesn’t have a varied range of features in it when we compare it to MS Word.

While there are some other good things about Google docs and that are its interoperability, auto-syncing capacity, and you can easily share your docs.

Microsoft Word vs Google docs

What are some major differences between MS Word and Google docs?

We are going to break the points of differences based on their specific features because it will make the comparison easier.

Interface comparison

When we speak about Word, we can say that its user-interface is quite complicated. Although there are a lot of features in it, a few of them are confusing for a new user. On the contrary, Google docs are something that is simple in terms of use and a new user can easily use its tools and features. You will find all the basic tools in the taskbar of Word but these are more simpler and easier to find in Google Docs.

File compatibility

When you wish to use your document in another format, you can easily as well as quickly import it from Word. Word documents have the capability to be displayed in any file format. If we talk about Google docs, it has the capability to convert any document into webpages.

Sharing capabilities

There are editing as well as markup tools in Word. These help in sharing documents with several others who are a member of your team. The most recent version of Word i.e. Word in Office 365 allows users to do web-based editing but you may find it a but difficult if you are a beginner. On the other hand, Google docs can be considered as a good option when it comes to sharing files on Google Drive. A user can also have control on who can view, edit, or comment on a document.

Platform, accessibility, and add-ins

Docs are available on several desktop platforms and can be used with any modern web browser. It is supported on web browsers such as Chrome, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and so on but you will need an internet connection for doing so. While Word is also compatible with these web browsers. However, for using it on mobile, you can easily do so with Word mobile application.

Price differences

You might feel happy to know that Google Docs is free of cost and you do not need to pay any amount for using it. But, if you wish to use Google apps for business purposes, you can buy it at just rupees $5 per user per month. On the contrary, to use Word, you might need to buy the standalone version of Microsoft Office in$149.99 for using it on a PC. But if you wish to use it on a mobile phone, you can download its free application.

Based on these points, you can easily decide which one you wish to use. In case you wish to do basic editing and do minimal work on a document, then it is advisable to use Google Docs. On the contrary, if you wish to do advanced editing, then you may use Google Docs.

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