Microsoft Visio Added to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is globally renowned as a family of different software and services that have been designed by Microsoft (the brand). Microsoft 365 or Office 365 has acquired a great reputation for being a suite of productivity applications for your desktop.

These applications have been specifically and carefully crafted to provide you with increased utility for every task you undertake that is work-related.

It has been successfully achieving its goal by supporting operating systems like Mac, most of the Linux variants, and Windows. It has been developed by the company in 35 different languages to help users from different origins.

Apart from this, one of the Microsoft products is Vision, which has never been a part of the Office suite. However, the brand decided to integrate it for users to be able to work with the application and develop great results.

Here, in this read, you would find everything about Microsoft Visio and the integration of this exclusive application by the company to its most used clustered application software- Office 365.


People cannot deny that diagrams, graphs, and basically, any kind of visual representation makes data look more appealing and engaging.

But, have you ever wondered, how those diagrams are created? Well, this read will give you an answer to just that. Microsoft Visio is one such software that lets you create and draw a variety of diagrams.

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These diagrams can be in the form of flowcharts, data and process flow diagrams, 3D Maps, Swimlane diagrams, floor plans, org charts, business process modelling, building plans, and so much more. Microsoft (the brand) initiated its sales as an additional service application to Office 365, not long ago.

There are two versions of Microsoft Visio that have been known to all of their clients and people who love drawing diagrams- Visio Standard, and Visio Professional. Let’s get to know these versions with elaboration:

Visio Standard

  • Access previously availed templates and shapes to make professional diagrams
  • Begin quickly with an all-time experience of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Fingers and pens can be used for both drawing diagrams and taking notes.
  • Database visualizations can be created with the in-built database models.
  • Adding, replying, and collaborating with other individuals straight from Visio.
  • This Visio version is licensed for, only, one computer at a time.

Visio Professional

  • Get readily present diagram shapes and templates.
  • Create and validate industry-standard diagrams (BPMN 2.0, UML 2.5 and more).
  • Touch-enabled devices have both fingers’ and pens’ compatibility.
  • Built-in models for database diagrams can help with Database Visualizations.
  • Get live data from internal and external sources to link with the diagrams.
  • It is only for one computer and lets you collaborate with other Visio users.

The best thing about Office Visio is that all the versions mutually share Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel’s functionalities (like say, colour and text options). In addition, it even grants data feeds and data inputs directly from Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.


Listed below are all the features or characteristics that make users more intrigued to try Microsoft Visio:

  • Data Visualizer that transforms Excel’s Process Map data into accurate Visio diagrams.
  • Visio process diagrams can be automatically documented into Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Snippets can be great in breaking down complex diagrams.
  • Making professional diagrams are effortless, precise and largely efficient for the data.
  • You can collaborate with a ton of other people, work with them and share diagrams.
  • The user interface is built for all users (beginners and pros) with premium levels of security.
  • An exclusive library for various templates and shapes to support all types of charts.


When the global pandemic hit, the world got affected very quickly- work, education, living status, and of course healthcare, was among the affected areas. And slowly, things seem to go back to a new normal- the hybrid world.

Talking about hybrid work-life, businesses were bound to strategize new operating models that can be flexible for such conditions, while keeping in mind the people, processes, and locations.

When strategies were to change the rational thing to do was a visual representation of all the concerned areas in an organization. And that directed to creating and preparing diagrams for analyzing and making decisions.

This has always proved to be a great help in making improvements and enabling the business leaders to visually communicate the processes to employees, which later would help them in adapting to the change. And therefore, Microsoft Visio, being a premium solution, came to the rescue.

Unlike before, it isn’t a standalone application anymore. It now comes integrated with your Office 365 subscriptions with commercial licenses. You can now enjoy creating diagrammatic representations for any data that you want with the core capabilities that lie with Microsoft Visio.


Microsoft Visio, which is a part of, is a unique application software by Microsoft that allows people to create diagrams from specific data to help with exclusive visual representation, which further adds to the experience.

As a result of the pandemic, work went hybrid and companies had to strategize their work operations. Visio was a great help in analyzing the business environment and presenting it visually. And that led to Microsoft deciding in favor of adding it to Office 365.