Why you should purchase Microsoft Surface Go 2?

The developers of Microsoft Office products and services came up with the solution of a sleeker, faster, and a long-lasting hybrid tablet Microsoft Surface Go 2. With the shimmering features such as delivering a larger display, slim look, and better performance the Surface Go2 is all that you need and is affordably available with a starting price of $399 for its users.

Due to Coronavirus, the tablet might not be in high demand by the Surface Go 2 is a thing to look for.

The tablet’s 10.5 inches of display and great viewing content, this premium, and the portable design feels great to carry and benefits to work with twin camera of strong photo and video quality.

Not only this, but the battery life is also at power so you need not worry about the plug point while working on it. It stands against the iPad Air and makes you reconsider spending some extra on this commendable Surface gadget.

microsoft surface go 2
                                                                    Microsoft surface go 2

Price and configuration option

The MS Surface Go 2 is readily available at $399 and the Wi-fi model that comes for Intel Pentium Gold 4425y CPU is of 4gb RAM and 64 GB of eMMC.  You can spend more to double the RAM storage.


The MS Surface Go 2 is somewhere identical to the Original Surface Go besides from some of the details that are minor to consider, but some major updated designing features are involved.

Device ports

MS Surface Go 2 does have the same selection of ports as per the earlier models. You will get a USB-C input port on right and a connection port for charging and docking along with a headphone jack.

Display features

The Microsoft team has expanded the MS Surface Go 2 display screen to 10.5  from 10 inches. It is not that much upgrading but some extra screen is always welcomed by the viewers if there is no impact on the price and portability of the device.

Surface Pen

If you are artistic and wish to work on your skills then buying this tablet is meaningful for creating digital drawings. You can even take down the notes on the device by just spending $99 more in the MS Surface Go 2 S Pen.

Audio effects

With the dual speakers around the display, you will get a perfect audio quality without any distortion.


On the front you will get a 5-megapixel front-facing camera to take selfies an on the rear you will get 8 MP lens. Both the camera shoot 1080 p video with sharp image quality.

Windows 10 Home in S Mode

You will be restricted to use the apps in the MS Office Store, but you can access the Windows 10 Home.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

In a hope that this article has helped you to make a purchasing decision to get the MS Surface Go 2 tablet or not. The MS Surface Go 2 is a premium and lightweight magnesium that you can carry which looks classy yet elegant.  Moreover, you will get a gorgeous display, with a convenient IR camera for Windows.