Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019- installation issues for Mac and PC

Do you often face issues while installing the Microsoft Office productivity suite on your device?

If that is the case, then worry no more as there are a number of Mac and PC users who face the same problems while doing so.

Well, there can be ample reasons why it might be happening with you. But, once you know the reason, you can easily rectify it and continue using your Office applications.

Sometimes, when you undergo the procedure of Microsoft Office Home and Student download you may not find it difficult. But for some, it becomes a headache. On the contrary, for every problem, there is a solution and hence we shall be discussing those issues separately for Mac and Windows PC.

So, let’s jump right into knowing some of the commonly faced Office installation errors. And, first, we shall be taking up installation issues on Windows.

mcafee office home and student

Here are some Office installation issues faced on PC

  1. Unsupported operating system

This is for most obvious reasons a commonly faced issue by the users. This generally happens when you do not read the system requirements carefully.

In my personal opinion, a buyer should first of all, go through the system requirements carefully and then purchase the product that shows the highest compatibility with the device.

  1. Office is taking a longer time to install

The next issue that we are taking up here is the duration taking by the Office installation file to get installed on your Windows device.

Well, this is caused due to slower connectivity causing Office to stop installing abruptly at 90%.

So, if you don’t want another crisis, then I would suggest you use a wired internet connection while installing such a sort of essential software.

  1. dll error

You are sure to come across this error while downloading Office on Windows XP and Windows Vista because the newer versions of Office aren’t supported on these operating systems.

To avoid the occurrence of this error, you must check the system requirements as I have already mentioned it as a pre-requisite for Microsoft Office Home and student download.

And, now we shall be taking up installation issues on a Mac.

Office installation issues on a Mac

  1. Installer stuck at “verifying”

If you are also facing this issue while installing Office on your Mac, then worry no more because we know the reason behind it which is most obviously a problem resulting from an unidentified developer.

In fact, you can get rid of this problem by just updating the operating system of your Mac device.

  1. Can’t find the installer

This is yet another problem that restricts the installation of Office on your device. This basically depends on the web browser you are using for the purpose of downloading the installer.

Fortunately, you may locate it in different folders of your Mac.

  1. pkg file can’t be launched

As you might have experienced, even after downloading the file you are not able to launch it and wondering why is it happening.

Well, in that case, wait for a couple of minutes and move the Office installer .pkg to a different location and then try to launch it.

What do you think?

There you have it: some commonly faced issues along with their remedies.

And with that, I would like to hear from you in the comment section if you were able to resolve the issue or not.