What all you need to know about Microsoft Office 365?

We all know that Microsoft Office 365 has been a primitive office subscription if we have an ample amount of workload to manage. The Microsoft 365 subscription is just a new name that is given to Office 365 subscription services. The subscription does include everything that should be included in the Office subscription and more advanced features. You can choose to subscribe and access MS Office applications such as Word along with features such as 1 TB storage of OneDrive, calling from Skype, and much more. In this article, we will talk about the Microsoft Office 365 subscription and will discuss in brief about its features. So without any further discussion let us start the topic.

microsoft office 365

What is Microsoft office 365 home?

The MS Office 365 is a comprehensive package of Office productivity apps that includes downloaded apps such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access that can run on your desktop, laptop, or mobile versions that are applied on the tablets and phones. However, with the online subscription-based, you can run the apps, access the remote data, collaborate the files, and then exchange the information.

Some notable features of Office 365

Here are some of the primitive features of Office 365 subscription:-

  • You can link files despite attaching the files.
  • You will get automated image suggestions from the Bing website.
  • Self de-cluttering inbox option is available.
  • Easy to turn Notes to calendars
  • You turn data into the Map.
  • Switch between the personal and business accounts
  • Easy to convert the scribbles in texts and drawings.
  • Better graphs, charts, and pivot tables.
  • Add email signatures
  • Automated reformatting of Data in Excel sheet.
  • Easy-to-do PDF editing
  • You can use the mouse as a Laser pointer.
  • You can ignore to reply-all conversations.

What is Microsoft office 365 home premium?

The Office 365 Home premium will let you install the full copy of the Office versions that you can add to five devices and will let the use of Windows 7 or Windows 8 that can be temporary download the Word, Excel or other Office apps for other users with premium features that we get in Office 2019 subscription.

What is included in Microsoft office 365 home premium?

The Microsoft office 365 home premium does include all the core apps such as Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and OneNote, moreover, you will get the features and apps premium apps such as Outlook, Publisher and Access.

How much is Microsoft office 365 home premium cost?

For One-year of Microsoft office 365 home subscription, you just have to pay $99.99 annually. It will let you install the complete desktop version of Office subscription up to five PCs. You can use the subscription on Windows and Mac devices and on five phones that can be of iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

What is the difference between Microsoft office 365 personal and home?

If you are confused and thinking about Microsoft office 365 personal vs home, then we will give a brief explanation and point for the difference between the two.  The Office 365 personal is for the users who want to use Office apps on 1 Pc or 1 device. However, with Office 365 home subscription, every house member can use the Office app on any device (up to 5 connected devices). You will be needing a Microsoft office 365 home premium product key crack to get the subscription. Moreover, you will get 1TB of One Drive cloud storage and 60 skype callings every month.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

Hopefully, this article helped you to make the decision to purchase an Office subscription and comparing personal and home Office subscription. However, if you still have some queries or issues related to the topic we just discussed then we recommend you visit the official website for Microsoft Office customer support assistance.

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