How to set up Microsoft Authenticator with Microsoft 365

It is the need of the hour to keep our digital belongings in a locked space so that nobody can make illicit use of them. Besides keeping our devices locked with passwords and fingerprint authentication, we must also give heed to securing the data, apps, software, or programs available on them. One such software that contains comprehensive details about our business is Microsoft Office.

Millions of people from around different corners of the globe use this program to carry out multiple tasks using the apps present in this single software. These users mostly use these apps to create work-related documents, business presentations and keep a track of their employees and their work.

Thus, we can say that this software contains a lot of information about the work we are involved in. As a result of this, it becomes quite important to use the strongest authentication method over these apps so that nobody can gain unauthorized access to your essential information.

Therefore, for the high-end protection of Microsoft 365 or any other version of Office, you must use one of the authentication apps that are available in the marketplace. And, when it comes to safeguarding your Office files, there is nothing that could beat the performance of “Microsoft Authenticator.”

What is Microsoft Authenticator?

This is a smartphone app that is used by different organizations that accomplishes their tasks using Microsoft 365. You can easily get this application on your device and use its authentication features instead of using a Multi-Factor Authentication protocol over your devices. By using this application, you can unlock your Microsoft 365 software with a single click instead of having to type long PINs and passcodes. The best thing about using this app is that it doesn’t cost you an additional fee if you want to use it outside your region.

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Why choose Microsoft Authenticator?

Since there is a wide range of authentication applications available in the market, therefore the question arises as to why we should use this authenticator instead of others? Well, the answer to the same is quite simple and we have listed some features in support of the same. These features are as follows:

  • This works on all the major operating systems including your smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • The authenticator not only works for the Microsoft Office apps but can also be used on non-Microsoft applications and services
  • The app supports all Microsoft services along with Facebook, Google, and more
  • You can either use the notification authentication feature or use the code authentication function based on your preferences
  • All you need is a Microsoft account to make the best use of its services

Setting up Microsoft Authenticator

Before commencing the process, make sure you have a Microsoft account or you can easily create a new account to avail yourself of this service:

  1. Grab your computer or smartphone and open a browser on it
  2. After this, navigate to page
  3. Now, complete the Microsoft account sign-in process
  4. Or, continue with the account creation process
  5. On your profile page, scroll down a little
  6. Now, go to the “Security” section and select “Update”
  7. After that, choose the “Explore” option from the available options
  8. You can find the same option under “More Security options”
  9. Sign in to your Microsoft account once again, if prompted
  10. Now, tap on the “Get it now” button to proceed
  11. Then, choose how you wish to get the app- Google Play or App Store
  12. Wait for the installation to complete and tap “Next”

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Getting started with it

After you get the app on your device, follow these steps to get started with it:

  1. Launch the application on your device
  2. Now, tap on the “SCAN QR CODE” option from the menu
  3. In the permission pop-up, choose “Allow”
  4. Now, scan the given QR Code from the app and click “Done”
  5. Now, on your device, you need to tap on the “GOT IT” button
  6. Your account will now be visible in the app
  7. After this, you will get a notification alert which you need to approve
  8. Once done with the approval, click “Next”

So, the next time you use Microsoft 365 and launch one of its apps, you will see a notification to complete the authentication process. Next up, we shall learn the complete procedure to use for safe sign-in.

Using the authenticator for signing in

If you are using the authenticator on a non-Microsoft, instead of getting the sign-in notification, you will get the code. To use this code for the sign-in purpose, use the instructions given below:

  1. Open the preferred service which you are using with authenticator
  2. After this, you need to sign in to your account using your usual credentials
  3. Once done with that, you will get a sign-in code
  4. Enter the same 6-digit code to complete the authentication
  5. Without entering this code, you will not be allowed to log in to your account.

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In this post, we have tried to address the comprehensive details on setting up as well as using Microsoft Authenticator on both Microsoft as well as non-Microsoft services. If you are still confused about using this, you can always navigate to the official website of Microsoft.