Microsoft 365 To The Rescue- Hybrid Work Culture

The pandemic brought a lot of changes in our lives- from health and hygiene to travel norms, buying habits, and of course, the working environment.

Every little thing was taken on the online platform and suddenly the Internet proved to fit a very renowned phrase- a friend in need is a friend indeed.

As the pandemic made its way through the world, so did the increased screen time. Schools, colleges, business meetings, and almost every other thing found a platform on the virtual network.

That’s when Microsoft thought of contributing towards making this new work culture more feasible. However, soon there was another shift as life resumed after the pandemic seemed to be in control.

This shift has been named the “hybrid” working culture. It’s when one portion of a group (people), goes to their workplace, the other portion stays home to work remotely, and there’s a balance between the two.

Microsoft 365 has been designed to help people with hybrid working so that the balance is maintained. So read on to know more about the new working culture.

Learn the hybrid working culture better

Statistics have been saying that a large portion of the population would like to go back to their workplaces as they have a hard time concentrating and another portion of the population believes they would like to work remotely as they are now.

And therefore, companies came up with a solution that involves the two wishes and helps in making the work environment efficient, which is named hybrid-working environment.

Here, half of the population goes to work from the office and the other half stays home and continues to work remotely. Microsoft 365 has been working on normalizing this new work culture with new services and its features.

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How does Microsoft plan on helping the hybrid work?

When we talk about the contribution of Microsoft 365 in the new hybrid work environment, the ultimate goal is to increase the work flexibility with managing both on the field and at home employees.

Other things that this has been directed to achieve are listed below:

  • Providing employees with the freedom to collaborate with each other
  • It presents a smooth and instantaneous path to file sharing
  • All teams can contribute to creating documents equally from any location
  • Microsoft 365 provides premium security to protecting data files

All you have to do is get the Microsoft 365 installed on the website on the Cloud PC and you’ll witness rapid growth in the performance and productivity scale.

How to set up Microsoft 365 for your work?

This part of the read has been exclusively created for helping you get through the activation of setting up procedure for Microsoft 365:

  1. Initiate by getting into the link mentioned above.
  2. Move on to logging in to your Microsoft account.
  3. Choose the product you subscribed to from the menu list.
  4. Type in the 25-digit code of activation and set it up.
  5. Move to “Download” Microsoft Office on your device.
  6. Double click on the Office setup file after the download.
  7. Thoroughly read the terms & conditions to hit “I Agree”.
  8. Then take time to finish the installation procedure.
  9. Get into the file and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  10. On the Activation Wizard, type in the 25-digit code again.
  11. Review the code validity and tap on the “Activate Now”.

Note: Users are suggested to create their Microsoft account if they do not already have one before they get on to performing the activation procedure mentioned up there.

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Learn about Microsoft’s “ABC” practice

Microsoft 365 came in with a new feature- Microsoft Teams that help employees to get along and collaborate with each other to increase work efficiency.

And with that, a new work practice was announced- the ABC practice, which is believed to not just improve work performance but also redefine the work-life balance. Here’s what the initials stand for:

  • A represents Audio that magnifies the audio features for all of your team meetings, whether you’re at home or the office.
  • B represents Bringing in your computers as Microsoft suggests users or employees carry their laptops to work so that they can join in the meetings from it and make sure every attendee is given a voice.
  • C represents Collaboration so that every meeting has an appointed facilitator, as each attendee would get a fair opportunity to share their views and opinions along with maintaining the smooth team hybrid meetings.


The detailed read above has been exclusively designed to introduce you to the new hybrid work environment that Microsoft has been working on. You’d get to know all about the concept along with Microsoft’s involvement.

Reading on, you have learned about the things the brand aims to achieve along with the explicit steps to perform the activation of your subscribed product and the very new ABC practice that Microsoft announced for the hybrid work culture.