How to use Microsoft Excel Tutorial {2020}?

The Microsoft Excel application is a very unique and powerful application but it can be a complex task to use the Excel application. In this article, you will get to learn the Microsoft excel tutorial. This will help the users especially to understand the basics of Microsoft excel 2016 tutorial.

The steps in this article will take you from the beginning that is opening a spreadsheet via entering and working with the data and then finish with by saving and sharing the data.

Tutorial in this article is for the Excel 2020 for Windows operating system, if you have a different version then this Microsoft excel basic tutorial will also help you. So, without any further discussions let us get started with the topic.

  1. Open the spreadsheet: The Microsoft excel advanced tutorial starts with a step to first open the Excel sheet by tapping on the icon to open it.  Select the option from the “Start” menu and the app will prompt you about what you want. To open the new sheet just tap on the “Blank Workbook. If you wish to open the current working sheet then tap on the “Open Other workbooks” and then tap on the “Browse” button. If you want to use the current workbook then tap on the “Open” button.
  2. Working with Excel ribbon: Remember while we talk about Microsoft excel free tutorial, the ribbon is known to be the central control panel of the Excel sheet. You can do whatever you need to do from the Ribbon directly. There are many tabs on Excel such as Home, Insert, Data, Review and some others. Every tab does contain different functional buttons.
  3. Managing your Excel sheets: The excel workbooks contain multiple sheets. You can easily manage those sheets along with the sheet tabs that are clearly visible at the bottom of the screen. Just click on the tab to open the specific sheet to work. If you wish to add a new worksheet then click on the (+) icon visible at the end of the list. Moreover, you can do a recorder for the sheets in the workbook by dragging them to a new location. If you right tap on the worksheet tab then you will get a number of different options.
  4. Entering the data to excel sheet: Just click the blank cell and start typing the data. You can also copy the data and paste it into the cell.
  5. Basic calculations: If we talk about the Microsoft excel tutorial then these basic calculations will help you. Running the basic calculations in Excel is very easy. You need to look at how to add the numbers.
  6. Unlocking the functions: The excel app’s supreme powers lies within its functions. These just let you run the complex calculations along with some of the key shortcuts.
  7. Saving and sharing the Excel work: Once you have done work in Excel then you can save the changes by tapping on the “Ctrl+S” shortcut to save the work on your spreadsheet. You can even click on the “Save” option in the “Quick Access Toolbar” button. Remember, the easy way to share the spreadsheet is via OneDrive. Just tap on the “Share button from the top right corner of the window and share your document. You can even save and share the documents or email and then use the other clod service to share it others.

How to use microsoft excel tutorial

9 Simple tips for Microsoft Excel Advanced Tutorial

 Use the MS Excel format painter tool.

  1. Just select the complete spreadsheet columns or the rows.
  2. Import the data into the Excel sheet correctly.
  3. Make sure you enter the data correctly in different cells at the same time.
  4. Display the formulas in the Excel spreadsheets.
  5. You have to freeze the rows and columns in the Excel sheet.
  6. Just enter the data patterns instantly to the sheet.
  7. Hide the spreadsheet columns and rows.
  8. Just copy the formulas and the data in between the spreadsheets.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that the Microsoft excel tutorial that is discussed in this article have helped you to learn the basics to use the Excel application. Remember, it is a very fruitful application to use and hence one need to learn it and become the expert. If you still have any confusions or issues related to the microsoft excel 2016 tutorial then visit the official website of Microsoft Office applications and get the professional  customer support assistance.

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