How to setup windows 10 to use Office 365 login?

Office setup login is an essential part when it comes to setting up your purchased Office 365 subscription. In case, you do not setup Office 365 login account, then you won’t be able to deploy the software on your Windows 10 device. Therefore, one must create set up an account beforehand in order to avoid hurdles during the setup process.

However, you can complete the office setup login or sign up process during the deployment process itself, but it will be problematic and time-consuming.

Users who have recently purchased an Office 365 subscription must know that in Windows 10 you can easily set up an email account for doing anything related to Microsoft.

Not only in the Mail but you can also add an Office 365 account to use emailing features. So without any further ado, let us learn the process to set up Windows 10 so that you can easily do Office 365 login.

Adding a new email account on Windows 10

  1. Open your Windows 10 device and go to the Mail app.
  2. You can do this by clicking on the Start menu or using the search box.
  3. When the welcome page opens, select ‘Add account’ for office setup login. (New users)
  4. Those who have used this app before can select the ‘Settings’ option by tapping on its icon.
  5. Further, select the ‘Manage Accounts’ option.
  6. In case you are using a tablet, then tap on the three dots to open the Settings.
  7. Further, click on Add account.
  8. After this, choose the account type i.e. Office 365.
  9. Enter the required details on the sign-up page including your email address, username, password, etc.
  10. Click done as soon as you setup Office 365 login account.

How to set up an account using the Advanced Setting option

Sometimes, you might see an error message after completing the account set up process. When you see an error message, click on the Try Again option present on the screen. You need to tap on it thrice open Advanced Settings. To add an account using this method, you should follow the steps given below carefully:

  1. When the Advanced Setup page opens, you need to enter some essential details.
  2. Enter your email address in the first box.
  3. After this, enter a username of your choice based on its availability.
  4. Now, select an account password as well as an account name.
  5. Next, you have to enter the information for the incoming email server.
  6. Also, choose the Account type i.e. POP3 or IMAP4 which is usually the later one for most of the accounts.
  7. Also provide some further required information and click Done to finish the setup.

As soon as you complete the setup Office 365 login process, your data will start syncing automatically. It also indicates that you have successfully set up an account in Windows 10 to use Office 365 without any hurdle.