How to Redeem Microsoft rewards?

Most of the Microsoft users come across a question that how to redeem Microsoft reward points. To answer this question of the users I have mentioned below the process to redeem Microsoft reward points. But, before that, we will learn a few important things about Microsoft rewards or reward points.

What are Microsoft reward points?

It is a free program for users who use Microsoft services frequently.  You can earn reward points every day by searching on Bing. Moreover, you can also avail of it when you buy things from the Microsoft Store. These can also be availed by using Windows 10 and there are several other ways for doing so. Once you earn them, the points directly go to your Microsoft account and you can keep a track on them from your account.

Also, there’s no fee for it and you get more opportunities as your points climb up. With these points, you can buy gift cards, donate for a charity or go for sweepstakes and spend them according to your wish. You might have thought “if I redeem 1600 Microsoft rewards points for an Xbox gift card how much money does that give”. So, you can buy a gift card worth $1.25 with 1600 reward points.

How to redeem Microsoft Reward points?

To redeem Microsoft reward points there a few essential steps which are described below:

  1. Login to your Microsoft account
  2. Locate the ‘My Account’ tab
  3. Under this tab, you will see a ‘Redeem’ button
  4. You will see your reward points lighting up with this button
  5. To redeem or claim the reward points, just click on the ‘Redeem button
  6. In the end, follow some instructions that appear on your screen to claim the rewards


You can go through the ‘Redeem’ page whenever you want and explore the world of rewards. You are also eligible to get reward points if you use Microsoft Edge. Keep using Microsoft services and you will be rewarded with points as much as you use them.

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