How to add a signature in office 365 outlook 2013 online?

The email signatures is a very powerful tool as it contains the information that is attached to every new mail you send. If you wish to use an automated signature in your work and personal emails such as your contact information, job title or the image logo. All the useful information that you want to attach to your email is done by adding signatures other than specific messages. The Signatures that you create in the Outlook Web App cannot be used in Office Outlook 2013 if you used both the platforms then you must create the signatures in each of the application.

With Outlook 2013 you can create one default signature or multiple alternative signatures, you can even create one. Remember that the Outlook Web App does not provide the assistance to attach an image file with your signature. However, you can copy the image from the source and then paste it along with the signatures. So, without any further discussions let us get started with the topic “how to add signature in office 365 outlook email”.

 How to add signature in outlook 365?

If you are looking for the ways related to how to add signature in outlook 2019 or how to add signature in outlook 2016 then here are the steps for the same:

  1. First of all tap on the “Options” button in the “File” section.
  2. Tap on the “Signatures” option under the “Mail” section.
  3. Create your signature in the Edit signature field.
  4. Remember, you can change the formatting and add the images with links.
  5. To change the “Default” option tap on the “Rename” button.
  6. Select the default signature section and tap on the email account.
  7. Select the “Signatures” from the drop-down menu.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and tap on “OK”.

How to add a signature in office 365 outlook 2013 online

How to add signature in office 365 online?

If you wish to perform the steps for office 365 signature management then here are the steps:

  1. First of all, you have to tap on the “Settings gear menu” option.
  2. Tap on the “Options” button followed by a tap on the “Email signatures”.
  3. You can format the mini toolbar on-screen.
  4. Tap on the option labeled as “Automatically include my signature on messages I send”
  5. After this, click on the “Save” button.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that this article has helped you to learn the steps for how to add a signature in outlook 365 desktop. However, if you still have issues or you are stuck in between the steps that are mentioned in this article then we recommend you visit the official website and get assistance from the Customer support assistants.

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