Google docs vs Word – Know the major differences

Microsoft Word has ruled the arena of professional writing for decades now and there is nothing that comes to a user’s mind when he plans to initiate his writing task. Apart from being the standard application for composing documents, it has several other functionalities that are quite simple to use.

However, with the passage of time, some users’ interest shifted to Google docs. But, still there are some who are confused between the two and like to know the difference between the two. For this, they undergo a Google search on the topic “Google docs vs Word”.

So, if you are also searching for the same, then you may put a full stop to your investigation here because we are going to jump right into knowing the major differences between Google Docs and Word.

Comparing Google Docs vs Word programs

Although we know that Google docs is far behind Microsoft Word and comparing them is something very thoughtless, but for the sake of comparison we will distinguish between them on the following basis:

Google docs vs Word

  • User interface
  • File compatibility
  • File sharing
  • Accessibility
  • Cost

Let us unfold these points separately


Comparing Google docs vs Word is quite a straightforward way of learning which is better than the other. Since when MS Word came into being, it has gone through a lot of changes in its features and functions making it reliable for the users. There is a wide range of in-built features that lets you create simple yet impressive documents. But, those who wish to go on with simple text editing might feel it a little complex.

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In the terms of simple usability, Google docs has the heart of such users who wish to go on with easy editing. The UI of Google docs includes basic tools that a user needs and for beginners, it works wonders.


For quicker and convenient file sharing, many prefer Word as it supports almost all the file formats required for the documentation purpose. You can also convert Word files in the form of a PDF because of its high-end compatibility features.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a program that helps you with easy document publishing, Google docs has your back. While, if you wish to publish a Word document on a website, then it is a complex task via Word since it has certain boundaries for accomplishing the same. This is because you may have to do the whole formatting once again for the publishing purpose. Also, the layout you have selected might also be changed which is quite annoying.


In Word, there are certain tools which prove to be really helpful when it comes to sharing and editing of your composition. It has editing as well as markup tools that fulfil this purpose of the users without having you to do much. In addition to this, the latest version of Microsoft Office which is Microsoft 365 has yet another interesting feature for Word. Users can engage in web-based editing and share them at the same time.

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While those who are interested in file-sharing through Google drive can find themselves at ease with Google Docs as it has the necessary features for doing the same. Such users also have the opportunity to restrict or allow others for editing and commenting.


As we all know that Google Docs vs Word are two different platforms, hence the most common difference between them is based on their accessibility. While the former one is completely a web-based editing platform, the latter one can be used offline. You may use any web browser of today’s generation for the purpose of editing or creating your document. And, when it comes to Word, it is supported on the various operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, and so on.

  • COST

Comparing Google docs vs Word on the basis of cost, there is nothing much to speak about as we all know that the former one is completely free of cost. However, if you love Google docs so much and wish to buy it, then there is a way out for you. Its Business version can be obtained just for $5 for a period of 30 days.

Unlike Google Docs, Microsoft Word comes in both the standalone as well as subscription-based plans of Microsoft Office which means you can’t buy it separately. The most reliable as well as cheapest version comes for $149.99 which not only includes Word but also has other apps and tools. But, you may use the free app of Word on your smartphone.

Now, the decision is yours

After going through the minute details of both the word editing programs, users can make their mind up and choose which program they should opt for via In my personal opinion, for simple word editing, you must choose Google docs as it is quite useful for beginners. Else, you may go for Microsoft Word which has numerous in-built features for document creation.