Galactic Charm: Our Honest Planet Phone Case Review

Galactic Charm: Our Honest Planet Phone Case Review

If you’re looking for a phone case that’s out⁤ of this world, then look no further! We had the opportunity to try out the Abbery Designed for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Stars Moon case, and we were absolutely enchanted. This clear⁢ case is adorned with a cute bling glitter sparkle design ‍featuring‌ stars and​ moons, ⁤making it the perfect accessory for women and girls who appreciate a​ touch⁣ of celestial ‍charm.

Our ​experience with this soft‌ TPU flexible rubber case was delightful. The quality of the materials used was evident, and the design looked exactly like the photos. We loved the real flowers inside the case, adding a​ unique ⁤and whimsical touch. ⁢The ​case fit ​our phone perfectly, with precise cutouts for ​all buttons, camera,⁢ speakers, and ports.

While some customers have expressed concerns ‌about the durability of the case, we found that ours held ⁣up ⁣well during our⁤ testing period. It stayed clear and did not⁤ yellow over time, ⁢as some other cases tend to do. Overall, we ⁢were thoroughly impressed‍ with the appearance, quality, and fit of the Abbery Stars Moon case.

If you’re in the market for a phone case that’s not only stylish but also durable and‍ unique,‌ we highly ⁣recommend giving the Abbery Stars Moon case a try. ⁣It’s⁤ sure to add a touch​ of magic to your everyday life!

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When it comes to‌ the Abbery Designed for ⁢iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Stars​ Moon case, the overall star rating and review breakdown truly speak volumes. Customers are raving about the appearance of this phone case, noting that it’s pretty, unique, durable, and looks exactly like‌ the photos. Some even love​ the ​real flowers inside the case, making‍ it a truly special piece. The ⁣handcrafted​ nature of this case ensures that each one is unique, adding​ to its charm.

On the flip side, there are mixed opinions about the⁢ quality and ⁢fit of the case. ⁢While some customers mention that ⁤it‍ is well⁢ made, durable, and pretty scenic, others have experienced issues⁤ like it ⁣falling apart or lacking sturdiness. In terms of fit, ‍some find it to be⁢ a perfect match for their phone, while others note that the holes do not line up perfectly. Despite these mixed‌ reviews, the overall sentiment is that this phone case is a⁢ beautiful‌ addition to⁢ any ‍collection.​ If you’re in the market‍ for⁢ a unique,‌ aesthetically pleasing phone case, this might just be the perfect choice for you. Discover more about the Abbery Stars Moon ⁤case on‍ Amazon!

Unique Design and Aesthetic Appeal

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When it comes ‍to , the Abbery iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Stars Moon ⁣case truly stands out. The beautiful ‍planet pattern design on a clear soft TPU material makes this case elegant and eye-catching. Each‌ case⁤ is​ handmade,‌ ensuring that the star and moon⁣ elements⁣ are uniquely positioned, making your phone truly one-of-a-kind.

Customers ‌have raved about the appearance of this phone⁣ case, noting that it is ‍pretty, unique, and durable. Some even‌ appreciate the real flowers​ inside the case, adding an extra touch of charm. If ​you’re looking for⁣ a phone case that not only looks great⁣ but also offers protection and style, this Abbery case is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on this cute bling glitter sparkle soft rubber ⁤aesthetic⁢ phone case for women⁣ and girls – click here to get yours now!

Durable and Protective Material

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When it comes to the ⁤material of this phone case,⁢ we were pleasantly surprised by the durability and protective features it offers. The Abbery Designed iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro ‌Stars Moon ⁢case ‌is made of clear TPU and silicone ⁢material, which provides a soft and smooth handfeel while maintaining high transparency. This material is not prone to yellowing, even after extended use, ensuring the case stays⁣ looking as good as new for a long ⁣time. Additionally, the soft TPU material makes it ⁢easy to install and remove the case without causing any damage to your phone.

One of the standout features of this phone case​ is the elegant and⁢ unique design. The planet pattern is beautifully showcased⁤ on the clear silicone TPU‌ material, making the stars and ⁤moon shine brightly on your phone. Each case is handmade, ensuring that the planet position is⁤ slightly⁢ different in each⁤ case, adding a personal touch to your phone accessory. If you’re looking for⁣ a durable and protective phone ⁢case with ⁢a charming design, this‌ Abbery case is the perfect choice for you. Don’t⁣ miss out on this cute and quality product, get yours today!

Perfect Gift for Women and ⁤Girls

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Looking ‌for the‍ ? Look no further than ‍the Abbery Designed for‌ iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Stars Moon case! This clear case with a cute bling glitter sparkle design is⁤ the ideal accessory for any​ fashion-forward individual. Customers absolutely ‌love the appearance of ​this phone case, mentioning how pretty and ‍unique it is. ⁤Some even ⁤appreciate the real flowers inside the case,​ making it a‍ truly special gift for someone special. With ⁣its durable construction, it’s sure to impress any recipient!

While some customers have mixed opinions about the quality and fit of ⁤the case, the⁣ majority are ‍in awe of its aesthetic appeal. The clear TPU material ensures⁣ high transparency ​and a smooth handfeel, while the planet pattern design is ​both beautiful and​ elegant. With precise cutouts for complete access to ⁤all buttons and ports, this case‌ is not ​only stylish but also functional.⁣ If you’re‍ in search of a trendy and unique gift for women and girls, this Abbery phone case is the​ perfect ⁤choice. Don’t miss out, get yours today and make someone’s day! Shop now!

Customer ⁤Reviews ⁣Analysis

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Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

After reading several customer reviews of the Abbery ⁣Designed for⁣ iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Stars Moon case, we have gathered ⁢some insights to⁢ help⁣ you make an informed decision about purchasing this product.

Positive Reviews

Review Rating
So cute & ‌great quality! 5/5
This is the ⁢best thing I’ve purchased this year and it is totally durable‌ Thank you. 5/5
Granddaughter love this phone cover! ​The galaxy is exactly what she loves! 5/5
This case is ⁢beautiful. I absolutely love the⁣ pretty pressed flowers.⁣ it brings me joy every time I look at it. 5/5

Customers have praised the design of the phone case, with many mentioning how beautiful and‍ cute it is. The durability of the⁢ case‌ was also a common positive point, with users expressing satisfaction with how well it protected their phones.

Negative Reviews

Review Rating
Case ​arrived ​Aug 30. ‌The little tab at the bottom to⁣ protect the charging port stopped working within a week or so. 2/5
Looked ‍exactly like it did in the picture, ⁤however does not perfectly fit my phone and is‌ loose⁢ on one corner. 3/5

Some customers experienced issues with the quality ⁢of the case, particularly with‌ parts of the⁣ design⁢ peeling ​away or ‍the fit​ not being perfect. There were also mentions of the case not being as durable as expected, with some users pointing out‍ specific flaws in its construction.

Overall, the Abbery Designed for iPhone 12/iPhone ⁤12⁢ Pro Stars Moon case ⁤seems to be ​a popular choice among customers ⁢who appreciate its aesthetic appeal and protective ​qualities. ‌However, potential buyers should be aware of some‍ reported ‍issues with durability and fit.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


✨ Beautiful Appearance
✨ Durable and Long-lasting
✨ ⁢Unique Design with Real Flowers
✨ Great Gift for Someone Special
✨ High Transparency with ‍Soft Handfeel


❌⁢ Mixed Quality Reviews
❌ Fit Issues Reported
❌​ Some Customers Experienced Ripping
❌ Lack ​of Sturdiness Mentioned
❌ Handmade Variations‍ in Planet Position

Overall, the Abbery Designed⁤ for⁣ iPhone 12/iPhone ‍12 Pro Stars⁤ Moon case offers a stunning aesthetic with its galaxy-inspired design and real flowers. While some customers praise its durability and⁢ appearance, others have pointed out fit ⁤and quality issues. It ‌may be a great⁢ choice for those looking for a unique and eye-catching ⁢phone case, but be aware of ​the ⁣potential drawbacks before making a purchase.


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Q: Does the case look ⁤exactly like the photos?

A: Customers have mentioned that‌ the‌ case ⁤looks‍ exactly like the ‍photos advertised. Some ‌have even appreciated the real flowers inside the case, making it a unique and pretty design that matches expectations.

Q: Is the case durable?

A: Customers‍ have mixed opinions‌ on ​the durability of the case. ‌While some say it is ⁤well-made ⁢and durable, others have experienced‌ issues such as the ‍case falling​ apart or ripping down the side after a short period of use. It is important to⁣ note⁣ that the case ⁣is very soft rubber and ‍lacks sturdiness, which may affect its longevity.

Q: Does‍ the case fit the phone well?

A: Customers ⁣have had ​mixed experiences with the‍ fit of ‍the ⁤case. Some mention that it fits their phone perfectly, while others have​ mentioned ⁤that⁣ the⁤ holes do not line up ‍properly. It is⁢ important to check ⁣the compatibility of the case with your specific phone model to ensure a‌ proper fit.

Q: Are there any warranty or quality guarantee for this product?

A: The product​ comes with ⁣a lifetime warranty. If you encounter any quality ‍issues or have any questions, you can contact ⁣the seller and they will respond to you within ⁢12 hours. This provides some reassurance for customers ⁤concerned about the quality of the product.

Reveal the Extraordinary

In conclusion, our honest ⁤review of the Abbery ⁢Designed for iPhone‍ 12/iPhone 12 Pro Stars‌ Moon case reveals⁢ a galactic charm that ⁢is ⁣both visually appealing and durable. Customers rave about the unique ⁣appearance, with real flowers adding a ⁣special touch. While opinions on‍ quality and⁢ fit vary, it’s clear that this case⁢ is a standout​ choice for women and girls looking for a starry aesthetic. If you’re ready ⁤to ⁤add some celestial flair ⁤to your phone, click here to purchase the Abbery Planet ⁢Phone Case on Amazon: Get your own Planet Phone Case now!

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