Keep Tabs on Your Data With Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

As suggested by the title, It is a spreadsheet that Microsoft introduced to be used on multiple devices and compatible with several operating systems. It’s majorly used to record and analyze easy as well as complex numeric and statistical data.

You can also define it as a cluster of rows and columns arranged together to form a table. Columns are depicted with alphabets and rows get depicted by numbers.

You can easily use it on Windows, macOS, iOS and even Android. Microsoft Excel makes calculations easier and faster than it ever was. So, let’s move ahead and discuss more on this advanced software application by Microsoft Office.

Attributes You’d Find In Excel

Well, these key attributes or traits are crafted to support the new digital age of work culture and a creative presentation that makes your data more appealing.

Let’s take a look at it:

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  • Header and Footer- You can add in header and footer to your spreadsheet to support your data.
  • Command to Search and Replace- You can easily find any existing data in your sheet and replace it by using specific commands.
  • Data Protection- Excel has an advanced feature that lets you protect your data with a password.
  • Data Filtering- You can filter your choices for the data you want to work with.
  • Data Sorting- Sort your entered data in a specific order- ascending and/or descending.
  • Built-in Formula- With excel every calculation gets easy with their built-in formulae feature.
  • Graphical Presentation- You can present all your statistical data on graphs (16 different types of charts).
  • Automatic edits- The output of any calculation gets automatically changed if any change occurs in the cells included in the formulae.

What Can You Do With Excel?

Wondering, right? Let’s not waste any more time and jump in to the good part.

Tracking, storing, analyzing and calculating numeric and/or statistical data are the major and the most common tasks that you can perform on Excel.

But, sometimes you miss putting in some data, you might find it difficult to concentrate because of the complex and infinite data, or you simply want to make your data more interesting and creative than others. Here’s what you can do.

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  • Conditional Formatting- This helps create a pattern on the data you want to focus on by changing the colours of its cells according to your formatting choices. Adding to your table- You get to add multiple rows and columns if, in case, you miss feeding in some data to your table.
  • Charts and Tables- To make your data more interesting and appealing with a hint of creativity, you can represent your numerical/statistical data by adding several visual effects like pie charts, bar graphs, pivot tables and more.
  • Extending the Formulae- Yes that is true. You do not have to keep on entering the formulae in each cell of a row/column. All you have to do is drag it up to the cell you want to apply the formula in.

Software, Mobile Application, and Online

Microsoft Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office program software. And therefore, you can get it for free if you download it but have to purchase the license key.

However, technology is moving forward and so is Microsoft Excel. It was later introduced on the online platform and as a mobile application.

Microsoft online and the mobile application is highly compatible with operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. They are both free and are online replicas of Microsoft Excel.

And, you got it right, it offers all the functions that Excel offers- functions, chart representation tools, built-in formulae, and simply all of it.

Much like Google Sheets, Excel Online and Excel App make collaboration with others easy and let you experience the same levels of utility.

Spreadsheet Customization

What else can you ask for? It lets you customize the way your spreadsheet looks to ease your work and increase your concentration. You do want to know more about it, don’t you?

Enlisted are the things you can try customizing for a better user experience:

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  • Customizing the excel spreadsheet Ribbon
  • Setting up a beautiful monochrome/colour theme
  • Setting up formulae for specific data
  • Proofing and saving the customized settings


Microsoft Office has always tried making our lives better with feasible task performing applications and tools.

Microsoft Excel has rightfully gained its appreciation by offering the best services related to recording and analyzing numeric or statistical data.

Mentioned above are the features that pull you to it, operations or tasks you can perform with ultimate ease, and what you can customize on your Excel spreadsheets.