A Little Darkness Can Enhance All Your Experiences

Microsoft Office has played a vital role in all of our lives and it continues to do so with efficiency and elegance.

It is software designed by Microsoft, comprising several applications, to cater to all your important work tasks in this digitally dominated world.

The users get to experience a program that processes words, financial spreadsheets, desktop publishing, creating high-quality presentations, managing emails and scheduling important tasks and other database programs.

Talking of working ease with important data and information, Microsoft Office also offers themes to add to the user experience, one of which is the dark mode.

The dark theme or the dark mode transforms the default bright background (white colour) to a darker colour (usually black). It is to go easy on your eyes even in extreme low-light circumstances or simply because you prefer less bright/ dull or dark interfaces.

After all, it is only in the darkness that you can see the stars.

The Dark Mode on Microsoft Office

Black and dark grey are the two themes that you’d find on Microsoft Office applications for switching to the dark mode.

You can use the dark mode on your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription with Word, Edge, Outlook, Excel, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Planner, To-Do, and SharePoint.

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Although, you can, very easily, change the theme settings to dark grey on Office 2013 and 2016. And it would work for any version of Windows, even for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Convenience That Comes Along

Microsoft applications and tools have been crafted to keep a fast pace on all our work communications and personal happenings. It brings along family, friends and various individuals to share documents and make changes.

Meaning, access to shared emails, calendar events, or files in certain locations with the default white mode.

Speaking of the latter, viewing gets much less suitable with the default mode in darkened places like night-time flights, movie theatres or simply in your room when the lights are out.

Thus, associating the dark theme or dark mode for the Microsoft Office applications was a great idea that derived positive responses from all over the world, outlined as clear, high in comfort and aesthetically pleasing.

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Let’s move on to highlight the three significant benefits users experience and were in fact, the set goals by the company:

  • With its dark background and low-light feature, it helps in reducing the eye strain that usually comes with the default light/white theme.
  • Knowing that brightness drains out the battery, the dark mode adds to saving a lot of battery life on your devices.
  • And as it’s a given, black makes all things more elegant. So, shifting to the dark mode is more than just an elegant design, it is an aesthetic peace.

Go Dark With Microsoft Office

Wondering how you can get the dark theme for your Microsoft applications? Well, here are the steps that you need to undergo for doing it (specifically for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint or Excel):

  1. Launch the respective Microsoft application you want to work with.
  2. Go for the option that says “File” on the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Get into the “ Account” option and then hit on “Office Theme”.
  4. Choose “Black” from “Colourful, Black, Dark Grey, and White” themes.


  • Choose black to get the darkest possible background theme for your applications.
  • You can also customize the backgrounds with circles and stripes.

Effects of Changing to Dark Mode

Here are the changes that you’d notice after you’ve set your settings to dark mode for the Microsoft applications:

  • Changing the default theme for one application would change the theme for all applications, only if you’ve signed in with the same account for all of them.
  • It also affects the Office applications on your Mobile devices (assuming you’ve been logged in with the same account).
  • However, the document you create will have to be adjusted separately every time, as they will be saved with the default “white background and black text” theme.


Microsoft Office applications have always been the saviour when it came to word documents, numerical spreadsheets and calculations, creating presentations, managing emails, scheduling events, and so much more.

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The introduction of the dark mode for these applications has been extremely moving as yielded a lot of utility with positive user experiences.

It helps in reducing eye strain for those long hours of work in front of a device, it saves a lot of battery life on your computer/mobile devices, and is, without any doubt, very elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Mentioned above are the benefits, steps to turn on dark mode and the effects of shifting from the default light theme to the dark theme. After all, a little darkness adds u\p to all our life experiences and makes us better.