Calmootey Double Rod Rolling Clothes Rack: Our Review

Calmootey Double Rod Rolling Clothes Rack: Our Review

Are you tired of struggling to ⁤find space for all⁢ your clothes and accessories⁤ in⁤ your bedroom or ⁢living room? Look no​ further than the Calmootey Double Rod Clothing Garment Rack! We recently had the opportunity⁢ to⁤ try out this rolling hanging clothes rack, and we were truly impressed by ⁤its‌ strong and ⁣durable design. ​With support ‍rods on both sides‌ for stability ⁣and‍ storage space, this rack is ​perfect for organizing all‍ your clothing items.

The 360° rotating⁤ wheels ⁣make it ⁣easy ‌to move this rack around, and‍ the ability ​to lock the wheels ‍in place ⁢ensures stability when‌ needed. The ⁤modern design ‍of this garment rack makes it suitable for any room ‌in your​ home, from the bedroom⁣ to the living room ​or even your clothing store.

Installation couldn’t ‌be ⁣simpler, and the large ⁢storage space provided by the double rod and bottom⁤ shelf means you can keep your clothes, shoes, and other ⁤items organized‍ and easily accessible. Overall, we highly⁣ recommend the⁣ Calmootey Double⁣ Rod Clothing Garment Rack for ⁣anyone looking⁣ for a convenient ⁢and stylish way​ to organize their clothes.

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The Calmootey Double Rod Clothing Garment Rack is a versatile and modern ⁤addition to any living space. Its strong and durable hanging bar can accommodate⁢ all types of clothing, while the support​ rods on both sides ⁢add‌ stability​ and extra storage options for​ scarves⁣ and towels. ​The 360° rotating wheels allow for easy movement around the room, ⁤and the locking feature‌ ensures stability when needed.

With ‌its large storage space, ⁢including a double rod for different ‍clothing lengths and a bottom⁢ shelf for shoes, ⁤blankets, and other items, this garment rack is ‌perfect for keeping ​your daily essentials ​organized. The convenient‍ installation ‍process, complete with easy-to-understand instructions​ and installation tools, makes setting‌ up⁢ this rack a breeze. Whether in a ‌bedroom,⁤ living ⁣room, or office, this sleek and functional garment rack will‌ blend seamlessly into any space. For a stylish and​ practical ​storage⁣ solution, the Calmootey Double Rod Clothing Garment Rack⁤ is ​the⁣ perfect choice. Start⁣ organizing ‍your space today! Click here to get ⁣yours⁢ now!

Key Features ‌and ⁢Benefits

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When⁣ it comes to the of this ‌clothing garment rack, one of the standout elements is its strong and durable hanging bar. This bar can accommodate a variety of clothing ‌items while also‌ providing ​support rods​ on both sides for added stability ​and extra storage space for scarves or ‌towels.⁣ Additionally, the 360° rotating​ wheels make it a breeze⁣ to⁣ move this rack around with ease, and they can be locked in ⁣place ⁤when needed for stability.

The modern ⁢design ⁤of this garment rack makes it⁢ a versatile ⁣addition to any space, whether‍ it be a cloakroom, living ‌room, bedroom, or office. Its ⁣ large storage space ​ with ⁤a double rod feature allows for ample storage ‍for various‍ clothing​ lengths,⁢ as well as room for shoes, blankets, and other ⁢items on the bottom shelf. With convenient installation and a ⁤user-friendly design, this clothing organizer is a functional and stylish solution for keeping your space tidy and organized.

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In-Depth⁤ Analysis

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When we ⁤look⁤ at the Calmootey Double Rod ⁢Clothing Garment Rack, we ⁣are⁣ impressed by its strong and durable‌ build. The hanging bar can support ⁤all kinds of clothing without any worry of it collapsing. The addition of support rods on⁤ both sides not only enhances stability but ⁤also⁣ provides extra space for organizing scarves and towels.⁢ This feature ensures that our clothes stay in place‍ and are easily accessible whenever needed.

Moreover,⁢ the 360° rotating wheels of this clothing rack make it incredibly convenient to move around, offering flexibility in placement within different areas ⁣of our home or workspace. The modern design of this ‌rack blends seamlessly with various decor styles, adding ‍a touch of sophistication⁢ to any ‍room. The ample storage space with the double rod and bottom shelf allows‌ for efficient organization of clothing, shoes, blankets, and accessories, enhancing the overall tidiness and ​functionality ⁢of our living spaces. For those ​seeking a versatile and practical ​clothing storage ‌solution, we highly​ recommend checking out the Calmootey Double Rod Clothing Garment Rack.


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We were excited to ​try out the Calmootey Double Rod Clothing‌ Garment Rack, and we were⁤ not disappointed! The‍ hanging bar is incredibly strong and⁤ durable, able to hold all kinds of clothing ​without any issues. The support rods on both sides not only add stability, but also provide extra storage space for ⁢scarves and towels.

One ​of the things ‌we love about this⁢ clothing rack is the 360° rotating wheels that ‍make moving it around a breeze. Whether you need⁢ to‍ reorganize your bedroom or move it to another room,⁢ you can do so with just a gentle push. Plus, the wheels can be locked in ‍place for added stability when needed. With ‍its modern design, easy ⁢installation, and large‍ storage space, this garment rack is a great addition to any bedroom, ‌living room, ‍or clothing store. Ready to​ upgrade⁤ your organization game? Check out the Calmootey Double Rod Clothing Garment Rack on Amazon today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁤ analyzing ‌the customer reviews for the Calmootey Double Rod Rolling Clothes Rack, we have‍ gathered valuable ‌insights that​ can​ help you ‌make an informed decision⁢ about this⁣ product:

Review Summary
I wanted ⁣a rack‍ to hang certain clothes that ⁣I‍ wear often or ‍clothes that⁣ I forget in my closet. ‌Assembly took 1 to 1.5 hours. ‍It’s ‌not hard⁢ to put together, but it’s ⁢ time consuming due to all the screws. ‌I thought it would be flimsy when I ⁤was putting it together. However, it’s pretty sturdy. It seems like‌ you’ll be able to fit a lot of clothing‍ on both racks as well.​ Great rack for ⁣the price and modern. No complaints as of yet! ⁣UPDATE: There should be more room ​between the racks to alleviate the clothes from⁢ hitting each other and looking bunched up. It could be my ocd, but it’s an observation of mine. Still a decent rack. Sturdy, modern design, but could use ‍more space between⁤ racks.
Easy to put together⁤ and does the job!​ Definitely not for tons ‌of heavy​ clothing ⁣as the wheels ⁣have already started to break.⁤ I don’t need‍ the wheels so⁢ I⁢ don’t ⁤mind. Simple‍ assembly, ⁢may not ​hold heavy ‌clothing well.
Relatively easy to assemble. Fairly sturdy, but the wheels got bent fast and ⁣don’t move ⁢smoothly. Would be ⁣better as a standing rack‌ without wheels Easy assembly, sturdy ⁤but wheels ‌not durable.
This is a wonderful ⁢drying rack⁤ – so‌ sturdy. It comes in a small, neat, and weighty package, and‌ with‍ good ⁣instructions, well-labelled parts, and is well-contructed and very sturdy. ‍It is not foldable, but would be easy to disassemble and ​reassemble if ​necessary. It only needs two tools to assemble, and they are provided. ⁢Amazingly enough a considerable portion of‍ the work to assemble this can comfortably be done​ sitting down, but it⁣ does‌ take‍ some time to assemble. It has excellent height​ for both ⁢the shorter and taller rods, and good ⁣width of the completed ⁣unit. It is ‍definitely not flimsy in any way. For the⁢ price, this is a very sturdy⁢ unit with very good features. Sturdy, ⁣well-constructed, great height for varying clothing lengths.
Unfortunately, this clothing rack‌ does not hold ⁤up. The‌ bars are ​already bending and the wheels ⁣are not easy to maneuver. Wanted⁤ this ​to work out‍ but‌ unfortunately ⁣it’s not‍ effective. Bars bending, wheels not durable, not effective.
Really happy with this purchase. Using it for extra hanging space‌ for clothes. It took me about thirty⁣ minutes to ⁢build. Only complaint ‍is the manual was not​ clear at all, but didn’t ‍have much trouble figuring things⁣ out after. User-friendly assembly, good extra‍ space for clothes.
This was surprisingly easy to put together.​ And it is sturdy and will hold a lot of clothes. Easy assembly, sturdy, spacious.
These came in handy when⁢ I had ‍to empty my closet during construction.‍ Fully loaded, they are ⁤wobbly and don’t roll on carpet at all. ‌The ​bars are a bit close together so⁣ the 2 rows of clothes are at an angle. Otherwise I found it useful ‍but is not ‍a⁤ long term solution. Handy for temporary use, ‍wobbly when fully loaded.
Screw doesn’t fit ‌so ⁤the entire rack is unstable. Assembly issue, unstable rack.

Pros‍ & Cons

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  1. Strong & ‍Durable: The hanging bar is sturdy and can hold various types of ⁢clothing. Support rods‍ on both sides ⁢add stability⁣ and extra storage space.
  2. Easy ‌to Move: The 360° rotating wheels make it simple to​ move the rack around with a gentle push. The wheels can also be locked in place for stability.
  3. Modern Design: The unique design fits well in various spaces such as cloakrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. It’s simple, ⁤versatile, and stylish.
  4. Convenient Installation: The rack is easy​ to assemble with clear​ instructions and included tools. Customer support is also available if⁣ needed.
  5. Large Storage Space: The double rod design accommodates different clothing lengths, and ⁣the‌ bottom shelf can hold shoes, blankets, bags, and more, making organization easier.


  1. Weight‍ Capacity: Some users may find the weight capacity of the rack to ⁢be limited, especially⁤ for ‍heavier garments or‍ items.
  2. Size: The size of the rack may not fit⁢ in smaller spaces ‌or rooms with limited square footage.
  3. Height: Taller ‌individuals may have difficulty reaching clothes on the top rod, as it⁢ may‍ be too high ⁣for some ⁢users.
  4. Wheel Locks: The wheel locks may not be⁣ as ​secure as desired, leading to potential ‌movement when the ⁣rack is supposed to be⁢ stationary.
  5. Color Option: The ⁤rack is only available in black, which may not match all room ⁢aesthetics or color schemes.

Pros Cons
Strong & Durable Weight Capacity
Easy to Move Size
Modern Design Height
Convenient ‌Installation Wheel⁣ Locks
Large‌ Storage Space Color Option


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Q: ⁤Is this ‌clothes rack sturdy enough⁤ to hold heavy clothing items?

A: Yes, the Calmootey Double Rod Clothing Garment Rack is⁤ strong and durable, designed to hold​ all kinds of clothing items. The support rods on‌ both sides provide extra ⁤stability, making it suitable for​ heavier clothing items such as coats ⁢and jackets.

Q: How​ easy is it to move this clothes rack around?

A: The​ 360° rotating wheels make ⁤it‍ incredibly easy to move this clothes rack around⁤ with just a gentle push.‌ The​ wheels can also​ be braked in place to lock it in place when stability is needed, making it⁢ a versatile and convenient ‌option‌ for any‌ space.

Q: Can this clothes rack fit in small spaces?

A: ⁢Yes, the modern design of this clothes rack makes⁣ it suitable for various spaces, including cloakrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even offices. Its⁢ compact size and double rod design allow⁤ it to‍ fit in small ⁤spaces while still providing ample storage space​ for clothing and other‌ items.

Q: How easy is it to assemble ⁢this clothes rack?

A: The Calmootey‌ Double Rod​ Clothing⁤ Garment Rack is easy⁢ to install, with simple instructions and all necessary installation tools included. If you ⁣have any questions or issues during assembly, our customer service ⁣team is always ​available to help.

Q: How⁣ much storage space does this clothes rack provide?

A: The double rod design of ‌this clothes rack allows for plenty‍ of storage space ‍for different lengths of clothing. ⁤The bottom shelf is​ also perfect for storing shoes, blankets, and other items, helping​ to keep your daily organization more orderly and ⁤efficient.

Ignite ⁢Your Passion

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In conclusion, we are truly impressed by the functionality and design of the Calmootey Double Rod Rolling ‌Clothes ⁢Rack. ⁣From‌ its strong ⁤and durable construction to its modern and versatile⁣ design, this garment ‍rack is a stylish and practical addition to any space.‌ With easy installation and​ convenient features like 360° rotating wheels, this ​rack is perfect for organizing your clothes and accessories with⁤ ease.

If you’re looking to upgrade‌ your ‍storage solution and add a touch⁤ of modern style⁢ to your home or clothing store, the⁤ Calmootey Double ⁤Rod Rolling Clothes Rack is ‌definitely worth considering. Don’t miss out‍ on this⁢ fantastic product – ⁢click ‍here to get your ‌own today!

Get your⁣ Calmootey Double⁤ Rod Rolling⁢ Clothes Rack now!

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