Bring your Ideas to life with an Improved Office 365

We have almost reached a time where the year is going to end very soon, but this is not the case with our work. Our work needs to be compiled and there is a lot more left for us to do. So keeping this in mind, Microsoft has recently introduced a new and improved Office 365 update which has everything that you need to wind up your work. There are features that encourage people to use cloud services so that they can use it to learn from even far-away places.

All-new features of Office 365

There are numerous improvements made by to help the users bring out the best in them. Let us discuss them one-by-one:

  • Presenter Coach in PowerPoint- this new feature allows the users to learn the ways through which they can deliver and explain their presentations more effectively. The coach also helps them to put their fear of public speaking aside and become a better presenter. This is done by making the use of Artificial Intelligence which comes into action whenever a person enters the “rehearsal mode”. This is helping teachers, students as well as business professionals in an effective way. Moreover, it gives you tips and real-time feedback so that you can improve your speaking abilities. You are also provided a report which marks the areas where you need to improve yourself.
  • Use the Inking tool to present, annotate, and interact- this new feature has reduced the use of laser pointers which was old-fashioned. Now you can use the Inking tool to annotate in real-time while you are presenting your presentation on PowerPoint. This tool has been introduced some time back and allows you to create process flows and diagrams. For doing this, you can use the feature which is known as the “Ink Replay” present in the “Slide show” tab. The ink appears separately at every step whenever you create animations that leave a lasting impression on the people.
  • Use the desktop-friendly Whiteboard templates- it helps in brainstorming and getting the work done with easy-to-use templates. It provides you with platforms where you can connect and collaborate with each other more easily along with sharing your ideas. Moreover, you can work together on a single project collectively even if you live far-away. Project planning has also become an easy task for those who want to work as a team. This feature is specifically designed and upgraded for Windows 10 and iOS users.
  • 3D models and lesson plans for improving education- visual and graphical learning is the need of the hour. Hence, using 3D models which includes lesson plans to help students improve their learning pace is much-needed. There are 23 all-new 3D models. Moreover, there are various lesson plans which give you the liberty to learn geology, biology, and other subjects worry-free.


Hence, we can conclude that these upgraded tools and features are helping teachers, professionals, and students to share their ideas on a single platform.