How to Add or Remove a user in MS Office Business?

It doesn’t matter which Microsoft Office version you are using on your device but there might arise a need when you need to add or remove a user from it. This specifically happens when you are using Microsoft Office for Business because it is quite usual that an employee may join or leave the organization.

Removing a person from the current users’ list is essential because Microsoft Office applications might contain essential data regarding your business which you do not want to share outside your business.

Therefore, it is important that you keep on updating the users’ list in it to manage how employees can make use of Office apps. Apart from that, in case you are using Microsoft Office for Home, then there is a possibility that a member of your family who was not using Office needs to use it now.

Thus, it is important for a Home user as well to keep the list updated. So, in this article, we shall have a look at the different processes to add and remove a user to your Office license.

Method to add a user in Office

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  1. Go to the Office admin center
  2. Navigate to the ‘User Management’ section.
  3. Tap on ‘Add user.’
  4. Now, add the required details about this new user:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Display name
    • Username viz. the email address
  5. Next, tap on ‘Auto-generate password.’
  6. Make the necessary selections and tap ‘Next.’
  7. Now, enter the details in the ‘Profile info’ section and tap ‘Next.’
  8. Review all the details you have entered.
  9. Read the notification and tap ‘Finish adding.’
  10. Select the ‘Close’ option, in the end.

The new user would now be added successfully and you can check if he is added or not by navigating to ‘Admin Center.’

The process to remove a user

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  1. Open the Office ‘Admin center’ and tap ‘Users.’
  2. Now, select ‘Active Users’ and choose the one you wish to remove.
  3. Next to the user’s name, choose ‘Delete user.’
  4. Tick-mark the box available next to ‘Remove license.’
  5. Then, choose the option reading as ‘Remove aliases.’
  6. Remove other permissions as well.
  7. Now, make entries for allowing someone access to his OneDrive account.
  8. The selected user will be given one month’s time to send all the files to another folder.
  9. Do the same for his email address as well.
  10. And, tap on the given option to select a user.
  11. Then, choose ‘Next’ and choose if you want to select a new display name.
  12. Tap ‘Next’, enable auto-replies, and choose ‘Next.’
  13. Complete some more prompts and choose ‘Finish.’
  14. Review all the details/permissions and select ‘Assign and convert.’
  15. Tap ‘Close’ to finalize the process.

In case you remove a user and suddenly realize that you have made a mistake by doing so, then you are given a time of a month to restore his account. Restoring an account is quite simple and can be done by navigating to the “Admin Center” again.


This is how the feature of adding or removing an existing user works. Make sure you complete these steps in a sequence else, you will not be able to add or remove the user successfully. Also, note that this feature can be only used by someone who has admin access to the Microsoft Office account.